The (un)Official Pipes Magazine Secret Santa - 2016 Edition

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Feb 6, 2013
Greetings and Salutations.
Holy crap, it's nearly November. So it's time... it's beyond time... to get this party started. Welcome back to the annual holiday gifting extravaganza! It's time for the (un)Official Pipes Magazine Secret Santa - 2016 Edition, now with added beneficial bacteria.
For those of you who are new, the (un)Official Pipes Magazine Secret Santa - 2016 Edition is a gift giving game run by, and supported by, the forum members of and is not in any way affiliated with the ownership, sponsors, or management of This is strictly a volunteer effort that is successful only because of the members who participate.
So... to the Secret Santa. Like all good things we have a couple of simple rules in play to make sure that no one gets a nose out of joint, a stocking full of coal, or re-packaged Carter Hall in a tin with pornographic tin art (again).
In order to participate in the (un)Official Secret Santa thou shalt:
1) HAVE AT LEAST 75 legit posts by November 10, 2016, or be vouched for by a member who has at least 75 posts. No exceptions.
2) Agree to send a gift of two (2) sealed tobacco tins, pouches, etc. of 50g each (or the equivalent volume of tobacco in sealed condition), incurring costs for the present and shipping.
3) Post to this thread when thou hast shipped your present to your target victim giftee.
4) Post to this thread when thou hath received your present from your Secret Santa.
5) Enjoy what you receive, in the spirit of camaraderie and fellowship that guided its selection for, and gifting to, you. (Seriously? We need a "no complaining" rule?)
6) Post pictures or at least a summary of the goodies you received from your Secret Santa to this thread.
In order to participate in this year's Secret Santa please send a PM to me with the subject line (un)Official Pipes Magazine Secret Santa - 2016 Edition that includes the following:
Your Pipesmagazine Screen Name

Your Full Name

Your email Address

Your Full Address

Whether You Are Willing To Ship Internationally

Your Word
Registration for this year's Secret Santa will close on Sunday, November 13th. I will send all participants the name and mailing address of their intended target by November 15th. I will begin bumping this thread daily starting on November 1st, if required, to keep it top of mind for folks, and to encourage participation.
Once you have received the name and coordinates of your giftee, please take a second to look here for their pipe-smoking particulars and then send that present tout de suite so that it arrives before Christmas.
So it's up to you to decide when and where and how to open your present. But once you've received your present, please POST HERE that it has arrived.
FAQ - Answers to Common Questions
Question - Hey Pat! So two tins is the minimum/recommended size of the present. Can I send more than that?

Answer - Hey sure! Signing up for the Secret Santa is a commitment to send a minimum of two (2) tins of 50g each of tobacco. Anything you choose to send above and beyond that is totally up to you. BUT THERE IS NO PRESSURE TO DO SO. Not everyone is able to do more, and that's okay.
Question - Hey Pat! Something unexpected/bad/sad/financially-debilitating just happened and I can't honour my commitment to send out my present to my giftee. What should I do?

Answer - Hey, we totally get that life happens and that sometimes the UNEXPECTED happens prohibiting us from honouring our commitments. IF THIS HAPPENS PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY.
Question - Hey Pat! It's Christmas Day (December 25th) and I have not received my present from my Secret Santa. What should I do?

Answer - If you do not receive your gift by December 25th LET ME KNOW.
Question - Hey Pat! I don't like ENTER TOBACCO TYPE HERE. How do I let my Secret Santa know what my likes and dislikes are?

Answer - I'd use this thread right here to advise folks what your likes and dislikes are. I can't guarantee that they'll be respected, but at least you will have made your desires known. 8)
Ho, Ho, Ho... Here we go!
-- Santa Pat



Preferred Member
Sep 5, 2016
I'm in! Can't wait!!! Don't prefer Latakia blends, and I HATE aromatics/flavored tobaccos, but I'm good besides that. (Love Perique)



Preferred Member
May 9, 2015
Sign me up again, the suspense last year was a laugh. Plugs & ropes preferred :clap:



Preferred Member
Jan 4, 2015
Pat, sign me up again. Last year was great fun. Will you be saving Peck for yourself again? The verbal exchanges are priceless!!! PM forwarded. Dutch
I prefer English/Balkan mixtures



Preferred Member
Aug 27, 2016
I'm in!
As far as preferences go...

I like straight Virginia's, Vapers, and Virginia predominant blends. Light casing/topping is fine (think Erinmore, Modern Virginia, etc)

Not a huge fan of english/latakia, but I smokem sometimes.

Not wanting aromatics. Im stocked up.
Love these deals. Giving is as fun as receiving.



Preferred Member
Dec 24, 2012
I should add that I now have a fully stocked cellar of the fabled Mixture 69 ( ) and would prefer to try something else.
I like Va, Burley, Perique, Kentucky DF, Orientals, but only like Latakia in small condimental quantities.'''



Preferred Member
Oct 20, 2014
I'm in!

I prefer non-aromatics but will smoke just about anything. I don't care for lakeland blends.



Preferred Member
Dec 22, 2013
New York
At the risk of being a party pooper may I suggest you look at the new FDA rules. You will need to verify the receiver of the secret santa age to comply with the FDA internet or online policy. Giving tobacco may be counted as free samples and you should check with the FDA to ensure compliance. The same applies to pipes and nicotine delivery devices but I am sure everyone will be delighted with a new chunky glass Chinese manufactured ash tray. Before anyone asks I am being deadly serious as taken to its logical conclusion the FDA rules could kill off the 'box pass' especially in the hands of an over zealous FDA agent!



Preferred Member
Jun 23, 2011
I'm in again this year. This is always fun -- for everyone but Pat, I'd think. Thanks for carrying the weight. PM sent.
As for me, no aros and no Perique please.



Preferred Member
May 4, 2015
condorlover - Gifts between private citizens are not regulated by the government. If you're joking, not really funny in a good-spirited thread. If you're not joking, I'm happy to have cleared this up for you.



Preferred Member
Dec 22, 2013
New York
I would have thought the reference to 'the chunky Chinese glass ashtray' might have given the tongue in cheek nature of the post away - obviously it overshot your humor centers a little bit!!