The Egg

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Feb 27, 2013
Kostas Gourvelos is a Pipemaker from Greece, his pipes range from sublime to outrageous but his workmanship is impeccable.
This pipe is a canted Egg which appears to have been cracked open like one would do to a soft boiled egg. There are two silver bands, one where the pencil shank meets the bowl and one where it meets the ivory colored stem.
His blasted finish is unlike any seen on other makers pipes it feels like thousands of grains of sand and the hand feel is near perfection as is the smoking quality of the pipe.
I'm keeping it smokey with more of the F&T Cut Blended Plug.




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Feb 21, 2013
One nice thing about the egg shape is that no matter how big the bowl looks, it always turns out to have an even greater capacity than that. Something about the elongated depth with wide sides. I have a rather small bent egg that swallows a lot of tobacco. That's an especially handsome finish.