the Delayed Gratification Technique

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New member
Mar 10, 2010
Twin Cities
I've planned on posting this for some time. I cannot claim to be the originator of the technique, as it originates from some of the gents from ASP.Pipes back when it was worth frequenting.
DGT is for VA's and VaPers, and is a fine way to either cool the effects of the tobacco, and also to invigorate a softer tasting tobacco, like SG Best Brown.
Pack your pipe as per usual. Char the top, tamp, char a bit more, tamp lightly, and let it rest for at least half an hour. This is the delayed part.
Now take up you pipe and smoke it per normal. Va's and VaPers tend to relight dryer and cooler using this technique, and I think you'll find that lighter Va's become more assertive. A properly smoked VA will generally turn sweeter about halfway down, but this process changes that to an earlier point in the smoke.
Alas, this doesn't work well with Burley blends, or orientals. Also, I recommend using a straight sided pipe for your Va's, and not smoking aromatics and burleys in it, as the sweetness and subtleties of many va's will be overwhlemed.
Of course, you may find that the Va in question simply has to be blended with something stronger.....



Senior Member
Dec 29, 2009
I love doing this with any straight virginia or VaPer. GREAT!!!!!!!!!



Staff member
Sep 4, 2015
Baku, Azerbaijan
DGT should be tried with each type of tobacco I think. I sometimes let the pipe sit for a night. It totally strengthens the tobacco.
(OTRP - Old Threads Recovery Program) :)



Preferred Member
Feb 13, 2015
DGT has never really worked for me. I always lose the "freshness" of the original burn. If I have to sit the pipe down and let it go out for some reason, the sooner I get back to it the better tasting it stays. Most of my Va's and VaPers are flakes, and I let them dry a lot, so I get no advantage from the second light anyway.



Preferred Member
Aug 9, 2013
Ha, you can't get any more delayed gratification than a necro-bump of a five year old thread.

I will sometimes pack my first two bowls of the day, the night before. And, I love stacks and chimneys, which allow me to start a pipe, and then set it down to help customers, and then return to it latter. I especially love the last half-inch or so of a straight Virginia. Stir it a tad and fire it up for the best stoved flavors. Yumm!

This is what I think makes pipes so much better than cigars. I never like returning to a cigar after it has gone out, and it's such a waste of such an expensive product.



Preferred Member
Jan 27, 2013
Just plain letting them set out till crispy works for me on most of the ones I have smoked of late. But I have only been smoking them ( VA's VaPer's) a couple of years, and only got on to drying them really dry by accident a short while back. May not work for all VA's.



Preferred Member
Jun 3, 2015
I like doing this with certain blends, I find that blends that have burley do great DGT. Different strokes!



Aug 23, 2015
I foudn this worked really well with Samuel Gawith full virgina flake. That stuff's wetter than an otters pocket but when prepared right, left to rest after a char/break it is soo sweet and yummy. Like matured hay. hmmmmm.
Infact, really gentle smoking with regular breaks brings out some really complex flavours with alot of baccy, particularly virginias though.



Preferred Member
Jan 23, 2015
I've done this a few times with a couple different blends and I've had good results with this method. Once I even forgot about the pipe and didn't smoke it until the next evening and was surprised at how good it was. :puffy: