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Senior Member
Oct 10, 2013
Dublin, Ireland
I'm new to the site and not sure if this question has come up before, but I'd like to hear some opinions on which aromatic blends most effectively transmit their flavours under fire. I'm attracted by the lyrical blender's descriptions - all quasi-erotic symphonies of fruits and liquors and vanillas and so forth - but the consensus seems to be that the tin and room notes tend to shrivel when they hit the tongue. Surely there are some out there that actually taste as advertised?
Thanks a lot, and my compliments to all on building a great community here!



Preferred Member
Jul 31, 2010
Bethlehem, Pa.
If you mean true aromatics then get ready for about 1,000 responses. I usually smoke latahia blends but whjen the sweet tooth hits me I turn to C&D Autumn Evening- maple flavor comes through the entire smoke. My other go to fave is Rattray's Bagpiper's Dream, a wonderful blend of Virginisa with a cognac topping. It has a great taste and the room note is to die for. Good luck.



Aug 14, 2013
I haven't tried many aros except house blends. h&h classic Burley cake has a nice maple flavor, and most of the people here rave about h&h anniversary cake



Preferred Member
Sep 20, 2011
my top five, in no particular order
C&D Autumn Evening

Savinelli Cavendish

Pipeworks & Wilke Rumcake

Two Friends English Chocolate

The Humidor/310 Battleground (Murfreesboro, TN B&M house blend)
And I'll add a sixth: Mac Baren Vanilla Cream Flake.



Preferred Member
May 26, 2012
United States
Some might not consider Peterson University Flake to be an aromatic, but I do. The plum topping is definitely there and there is a back bone of great tasting virginia and burley tobaccos. It is also a flake which is what I enjoy smoking due to their concentration of flavors and cool burning characteristics.



New member
Sep 28, 2013
Like papipeguy said, you're gonna get 1,000 different responses, but I did think very long and hard...for me I can't decide which is a better aro for flavor; Hobbit's Weed or Trout River. Those are my top blends for aromatics anyways and they seem practically equal to me even though they are both different in flavors.



Senior Member
Oct 10, 2013
Dublin, Ireland
Thanks for all the comments, very helpful. How do people rate Peterson's aromatics? They of course have a shop here in Dublin so access to them is convenient. (I know cigrmaster recommends UF, and I quite enjoy Sherlock Holmes, but I'm also curious about their more "traditional" aros: De Luxe Blend, Connoisseur's Choice etc.)



Junior Member
May 31, 2013
My first post here !!! I'm also on Smokers Forums.
I was given a pouch of Macbaren Original Choice at a club meeting here in Australia and put it aside for 6 months or so. When I eventually opened up the pouch, I was drawn to the aroma, very sweet kinda fruity honey caramel.

I fired up a bowl and loved it, love the aroma and sweet taste. The tobaccos are really good quality.

Its got some body and mouth feel to it, so its not like smoking hot air like some aromatics.

I read on the Macbaren website that the black cavendish in this one is made from Virginia tobaccos rather than burley. Theres something unique about this one that has me hooked. The sweet pouch aroma does come through in the taste and room note. If you enjoy sweet black cavendish blends like Captain Black etc then you surely must try this.
My preferred aromatic blends were Petersons Sunset breeze and Reiners professional blend.

But they have recently taken a back seat to this delicious Macbarens Original Choice.



Preferred Member
Jan 8, 2011
Connoisseur's Choice Is my favorite Peterson aromatic. I keep about 10 tins on hand. I do the same for Peterson Sweet Kilarny. If you like these you may also like the CAO blends. I keep a good stock of Elien's Dream and Moontrance. I am primarily an aromatic smoker and have found a good handful that taste great to me. But I have found many more that are just plain awful.
I don't stock them yet, but I have yet to try a Sutliff Private Stock aromatic blend that I did not like. I think the whole line is very under rated. They take a bit more time to dry but worth the effort.
A tip for when smoking and aromatic, very few smoke well right out of the tin and in my experience most smoke better after a few weeks in an open tin or a month or two in a jar. I heat mine under a desk lamp before I smoke to help the drying process. Makes a world of difference.



Jun 26, 2013
Sutliff Privite Stock's Molto Dolce is my favorite, but expect to get your fingers a little sticky, as it is a very moist tobacco. Also, be ready to relight at least twice as much (more if you pack your bowls on the tight side). Other Sutliff aros to try: Top Shelf (a very very strong borubon flavor) and Tobac Noire (good dark sweetness). If Sutliff isn't your brand, then would suggest Lane 1Q and Forg Mortton Celler (which happens to be my second favorite). I have also heard good things (but have not tried) Peterson's Sweet Killarny. Good luck finding your new favorite.



Preferred Member
May 3, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
For me it would be:
Lane Limited's 1Q

Mac Baren's 7 Seas Royal

Captain Black Dark

Peterson's Connoisseur's Choice
Also, I want to mention that Peterson's limited edition blends (Special Reserve, Summertime, and Holiday Season) tend to carry the tin note into the flavor nicely.



Preferred Member
Dec 11, 2012
As noted, the scent of the tobacco in the tin, jar, or pouch is usually quite different from the flavor as it's smoked. In my own limited experience, the blend that tastes the closest to the way it smells, believe it or not, is H&H Vermont Meat Candy, which actually transmits hints of maple and bacon during the smoking process. Much as I like Molto Dolce and Lane 1Q, they don't taste quite the way they smell (although both are good aromatics). Most of the other aros I've tried, while okay, weren't anything I'm anxious to try again when there are so many other blends I haven't tried yet...



Preferred Member
Jun 11, 2012
Austin, TX
Dan Blue Note and Nording Labrador. Still the best of the aromatic stuff I've tried so far.
I'm a big fan of the cross over type blends too. C&D Cross Eyed Cricket being my favorite of that category.



Aug 21, 2012
Although I am not an aro man I have tried a few and the one that I can safely say that was good to me was Hearth & Home Egg Nog. It was rich, slightly sweet and creamy. Kind of reminds me of a warm sugar cookie fresh out of the oven.



Preferred Member
Nov 20, 2012
So far,I like two: Solani X Sweet Mystery and McClelland Holiday Spirit 2013.



Preferred Member
Oct 3, 2013
+1 for Hearth and Home "Egg Nog". I don't taste egg nog per say, but it is very creamy, with a nice cinnamon spice flavor. I hear Hearth and Home "Trout Stream" is very good as well, but I've never tried it.