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Mar 10, 2015
I used to wear a wristwatch all the time when I was a kid. Not sure why I needed to know the time; but then again I also used to carry a wallet even though I had no job and no money.
When I did get a job the day I turned 16, my parents gave me a cell phone, the better to keep track of me. Since I've always had a cell phone after that, I gradually fell out of the habit of wearing a watch.
Now that I drive long-haul, I often have moments where I second guess the timezone I'm in; did the phone clock change over back there, or not yet? Am I picking up the tower in Indiana, or the tower in Illinois? You get the idea.
So I'm rethinking wrist watches. Getting one and setting it to log-book time, so that I at least know what time it is somewhere. (And not just five o'clock...)
Got any watches you'd like to show and tell?



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Mar 10, 2015
Oh, it does that by default. The problem is that I don't know whether it's already done it or not. Generally speaking, the local time of my appointment matters way more than the time in the time zone I happen to be in.



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May 30, 2012
I have a Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium. Owned it since 2005. It charges by solar energy. It has never quit, unless you put it in the dark of course. A jeweler friend gave me the advice to buy it. He wasn’t wrong.



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Jan 28, 2018
How will you know your watch has done it or not? Works the same as your phone. I've found the phone to be quite accurate.



Apr 24, 2019
I admit I am a watch guy. The engineer in me likes the workings of automatic watches so that is my preference. For your uses there are some watches, Citizen comes to mind, that sync timezones from your phone through Bluetooth. Even without a phone they still function. Might be a good feature for your usage. Edifice (Casio) has something similar I think. Otherwise a watch with a gmt hand may work, but harder to read exact time on. With the gmt hand you always have a constant time reference.



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Aug 9, 2018
Lexington, KY
I'm a bit of a watch guy. Basically all wristwatches fall into two categories: quartz and mechanical.
Quartz watches are generally cheaper and are basically always more accurate than mechanical. They run off a battery, and lots of serious watch guys think all quartz watches are created equal. You might pay more money for fit and finish, but basically any quartz watch is exactly as functional as a good old Timex.
Mechanical watches run off springs and gears. They don't have batteries, so they never 'die', unless there's a mechanical breakdown. The tradeoff is they're less accurate, and generally more expensive. High end brands like Rolex, Breitling, etc. specialize in mechanical watches, esp. 'automatic' watches, which are powered by the motion of the wearer's wrist winding a mainspring.
If you want to spend under $200, buy a quartz watch. If you want to go over $500, buy an automatic. After you make that decision, it really comes down to aesthetics.
I generally keep three watches: a big chunky plastic watch (like a G-Shock) I wear for exercising and very casual situations, a mechanical dive watch for most activities, and a slimmer 'dress watch' for things like church on Sundays and when I wear a suit.
Most of the time I wear a rough and ready Seiko SKX007 dive watch like this:

You can pick one up for around $200. But don't feel like you have to spend a ton of money to have a watch you enjoy. I've had many Timexes which gave as much or more enjoyment as watches costing many times more. It's just like pipes-- some guys have huge collections of old Dunhills, and some have two cobs and some Carter Hall. Both guys enjoy their pipes, and one isn't a superior experience to the other; it's just different.



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Sep 13, 2013
You drive professionally? Aren't you required to keep a log recording your hours. You must know when you cross a time zone. Most phones use GPS for locations, trust it.



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May 11, 2017
A smartphone clock application will show you time in multiple cities.
If you really want a watch, it can range from 5$ to multiple thousands and anywhere in between and they all keep good time.
I don’t wear a watch for last 3/4 years (Wear a Fitbit which doubles as a watch) My best watches are a Tissot chronometer, and DKNY chronometer. I have owned the Tissot for 12+ years and DKNY for 17+ years.
Everyone will have different tastes in watches - however there are mainly three types now
A. Automatic Mechanical - These are generally very expensive and collectibles - Like Rolex, Omega, etc...

B. Quartz - can be found for 5$ but also can be expensive. This is what most people wear

C. Smart Watch - Like Apple Watch
Earlier there were manual winding mechanical watches, but these I think are no longer generally available.
While wristwatches are most common, pocket watches have made a comeback.
Finally collectible vintage watches by famous makers, command a huge price.
That was an watch 101.



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Mar 10, 2015
When I say "log-book time", I mean the timezone that my company is headquartered in. The watch would always be in Central Time (good old Lincoln, NE), because then there's no uncertainty about the data. I wouldn't have to wonder which time zone is being reported (I know it sounds stupid, but I sometimes don't know which time zone I'm in).



Staff member
Jul 28, 2013
I'm a big fan of watches. I don't have any that are worth any money so I'm not THAT much into it. But GShocks are my favorite these days. I have to have an accurate watch for work on the railroad, that will withstand some serious abuse. Digital is best for me, for fast reading. Day, date, and 24hr time is all very important at work. And mine is 200m waterproof, shockproof, damn near indestructible, solar powered and atomic, so no batteries, and it syncs to the correct time every midnight. All for about 80$.
However, the timezones, needs to be changed manually. So that won't help you there. Guess I just like to hear myself talk sometimes. :oops:



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Aug 9, 2013
When I have gone watchless and relied on my phone, I wasted tons of time. Everytime I would need a clock, I'd end up checking email, messages, social media, and then put it back in my pocket, and then wonder what time it was, then lather, rince, repeat. Now that I wear a watch, I tend to leave my phone in the house when working in the garden or doing anything outside. It is just more convenient for me to keep an eye on my watch while working at my workbench also. I have to soak something for five minute, I just look at my wrist, instead of having to look for my phone.
The whole idea of technology was to save time, but they tend to be time-sucks for me. Anything that saves me from looking at the phone is a positive in my opinion. I am hoping one day that I can just avoid even carrying the thing for days on end.
Plus, having a watch makes me more aware of how long things take, and I can be more aware of time. Whereas with my phone, I rarely ever even acknowledge the time on it, because of all of the distractions the thing has built in to make me more addicted to the damned thing.
I have a collection of watches. My most worn work watch this summer has been an Citizens Eco stainless. I hate for my watches to have anything besides the time. Even date windows are a turn off for me. But, I also have many Timex watches with a fondness for the classic vintage Marlins. With a few Seikos, Victorinox, and a few others that I just wear on special occasions. But the Timex Marlin has a special place in my heart, as it requires discipline in keeping it wound and can take a licking and keep on ticking. :puffy:

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Feb 28, 2017
I wore a watch since Middle School and it's been practical throughout my time in the Marines because it's more acceptable to check my watch rather than stop to pull out my phone and risk getting an earful from some old SNCO because "you're a grown ass man, get off your fukkin phone" and so on. Peculiararities of my elders aside, it helps a lot when i can't have my phone on me and I look forward to having a nice watch when I'm out that isn't some chicken POS(maybe when I'm rich and famous)



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Sep 9, 2017
Watches all the way. My wrist just feels naked without it.
Smart Dumb phones... I've already started to hate them.



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Dec 3, 2016
Worn one ever since I was 10 years old now 62 never be with out one on my wrist.



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Dec 12, 2016
I have 6 watches, a casio g shock I wear when hunting, a tissot, an atlantic, a maurice lacroix, a swatch and a vostok, all being worn according to my attire at work. I have worn a watch since a small child, and I feel pretty naked without one. I was long pondering buying a smart watch, although I am afraid that I would get even more tied up to my phone, which due to work is a stress factor in my life. I am not sure I want that ...