Super Bowl XLIX - Predictions???

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Apr 26, 2012
Washington State
Just curious to know what everyone's predictions are for tomorrows big game; Super Bowl XLIX. As a die-hard Seahawks fan since the 1985 season; I'm obviously picking the Seahawks to win back to back Super Bowls.
Here are a few predictions I have for tomorrows game.
Score: Seattle Seahawks 20 – New England Patriots 13

MVP: Russell Wilson
Seahawks Offense:

Russell Wilson 17-26 197 yds 1 TD 0 INT 91 yds Rush 1 TD Rush

Marshawn Lynch 97 yds Rush 3 Rec 41 yds Rec 1 TD Rec

Doug Baldwin 4 Rec 66 yds Rec

Luke Wilson 3 Rec 40 yds Rec

Jermaine Kearse 4 Rec 37 yds Rec
Seahawks Defense: 3 sacks 2 FF 1 FRec 1 INT
Who you guys rooting for and what do you think the outcome will be?



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Jun 15, 2013
I predict two things.
1. The game will be over sometime after the end of the 4th quarter.

2. Toilets will be assaulted nationwide.



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Feb 21, 2013
metal, that's putting it out there. You've done some homework. I was for the Pats until the footballs

showed up deflated. I think it will be an impressive game, but I may or may not watch. Maybe tune in

late and see if it's interesting. I'd rather watch one of those infomercials on a diet pill than half-time;

what a soulless commercial light show is that.



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Apr 26, 2013
Bellichik has always been a cheating prick. Can't abide the pats til sometime after his tenure is over. 31-17 Seahawks. I put that score in the office pool a month ago, when I predicted it would be Sea/NE in SB 49.



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Sep 13, 2013
My prediction? The professional bookies will be the big winners when all is said and done.



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Jun 21, 2014
I'll predict that a beer will be open while cooking breakfast and I will enjoy a bowl of ODF with probably another frosty adult beverage afterwards.
Then I predict I will set the TV on the Superb Owl channel and proceed to catch up on my reading. I might pay attention to the commercials though...



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Sep 13, 2013
Hockey has had a death in an NHL game. Skiing the same. Also bob sledding. Bull fighting has experienced many. I don't believe any participants have died in synchronized swimming or ice dancing. Pro rodeo has had a few. I won't even mention F1 or NASCAR. A lot of jocks die in their chosen sport.
As far as longevity is concerned PEDs have made substantial contribution to that stat. That old risk/reward decision made when one was a teenager looks all wrong when you make it to the other side of 50.



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May 11, 2011
Since the Pat's cheated and beat the Ravens, I'm rooting for the Seahawks.

How can they lose? Russell Wilson says God is on their side. I'm wondering what the Packers did to be lose Gods favor?
My score prediction:

Seahawks: 29

Patiots: 17
I want to hear Richard Sherman scaring the bejesus out of another reporter at the end of the game.
The "prop" bets are always fun. Here's the top betting lines:
"SPECIAL (NE @ SEA) - How many times will Gisele Bundchen be show on TV?

Over/Under 1½"
Brady's cut kids will be with her and seem to have some media focus, I'd take the over on that one!
The worst part of the telecast: having to listen to Chris Collinsworth's endless prattle.



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Sep 8, 2014
Moody, AL
I predict I'll smoke my pipe while not watching the game. There's a very high likelihood I'll be completely indifferent to the game.



Nov 4, 2014
I predict the Patriots will win because that's the worst possible outcome. I don't like the Seahawks, but I despise the Patriots. I really despise the people who think the team's success makes Tom Brady the greatest QB of all time.



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Nov 17, 2013
Kind of torn on this one, should I suffer thru an over hyped game to watch the over priced commercials, or save some time and see them on-line...

Oh, who's going to win the game?! Probable nap thru that part.