Sunday Afternoon Fantasy Seven Day Set

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May 28, 2014
So after a few years of pipe panic buying, I am up around 100, with a rotation of about 10. I am looking to scale back and get some real classics to accompany my regulars. This is just a thought exercise having already bought 3 pipes this weekend. It has to include classic shapes, brands and nationalities. I'm thinking Dunhill billiard, Castello 55, I would have to have an Anne Julie Stanwell shape, something American, I cant imagine spending huge money so S Bang etc are off limits,all suggestions most welcome.



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Sep 9, 2015
Are you opposed to custom carvers? There are plenty of amazing carvers out there that you can get a great pipe at a reasonable price from.



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May 8, 2015
A Merchant Service Bing by Basil Meadows comes to my mind. A classic shape made to the specifications of the ones Bing Crosby smoked. Very reasonably priced and an excellent smoker from everything I have heard. Am currently having one made.