Strange Sounds

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Nov 3, 2015
Hello again folks. I've noticed that sometimes when I smoke my pipe, I start to hear a "sizzling" sound when I'm at the last third of the bowl, coupled with a nasty taste. What may be the reason behind this? Is it possible it's because of improper reaming? Also, I think it happens more frequently with English type blends, if that's any help.



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Jan 13, 2014
Yep it gets louder usually near the bottom.the the bowl where the moisture is accumulating.



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Feb 21, 2013
Yeah, this is moisture in the bowl and it shows up more at the end of a smoke because there isn't as much tobacco left to absorb the moisture. This moisture can come from the tobacco being moist from the tin, or from tobacco that produces a lot of moisture burning, or from a smoker who lends more moisture in the form of saliva as he/she smokes, and sometimes from a pipe the design of which tends to accumulate moisture in some low point in the bowl. Also, clenching a pipe while walking, driving, or doing some activity may increase the amount of saliva you add to the moisture factor. The moisture may be a combination of two or more of these. I am by nature a fairly dry smoker, but I occasionally get a little sizzle or wheeze going at the end of a smoke, and this is helped by gentle and judicious tamping, and maybe drying out the blend overnight before smoking it, just one or two bowls.



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Feb 13, 2015
I've only experienced this while smoking "goopers" like Captain Black original. My solution was to make sure to only smoke those blends in a cob or a pipe which will accept a balsa filter. The extra absorption value really helps.



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Aug 9, 2013
MSO has a pretty thorough list of possibilities. I would amend smoking too fast to that list. The act of combustion produces water vapor, even in a very dry material. Pushing a pipe too hard with puffs, bends in the stem, or poorly designed draft holes with spaces in the mortise, or spaces for filters can cause moisture to build up and run back down into the bowl. Usually though, you don't taste the re-evaporating moisture, but maybe it affects the latakia.

But, slowing down can fix most of these issues, most poorly designed draft, even with a stem with gaps in the mortise.



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Nov 13, 2012
Just curious if you have multiple pipes and if so does it happen in all of them?