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Jan 5, 2011
There have been lots of TAD posts lately. I've been wondering if the advent of spring inspires us to celebrate the warming days by stocking our cellars? There is also a growing, ever present mantle of the tax man's intrusion into our enjoyment.
My motivation for this episode of TAD contains both the anticipation of sunny, warm days with a smattering of paranoia regarding the impending doom of prohibitive and unfair taxation on pipe tobacco.
The antidote to the later and the celebration of the former is that I will enjoy every single bowl and puff of this delicious smorgasbord.



Preferred Member
Oct 13, 2011
Puget Sound
I have a limited space to store tobacco, but this time of year I do like to make sure I have enough of my favorites to last through the sailing season. There aren't many tobacco stores around here and it is difficult to get to them when I am on the move all summer.
Enjoy your cellar. It looks like it will last a good long while.

... the anticipation of sunny, warm days...



Preferred Member
Jul 2, 2009
New England
You are correct on the springtime and tax time buying sprees. If I get any money back from the IRS this year I see another shopping event in the near future. So many choices, so many blends. :rofl:



Senior Member
May 16, 2011
A great haul! Some great stuff in there.
After almost a year of avoiding the TAD bug (Mainly by buying a tin here and there when I visit the smoking lounge), it's the bug has taken me, and taken me hard. I've been putting off buying for the past few days, trying to see if I can fight it off, but with no luck.