Spectre Pipe Blend

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Jan 8, 2013
Not long ago I was fortunate enough to try out the Spectre pipe blend. Darin (cobguy) sent me a tin, as well as a tin of Orlick Dark Strong Kentucky, which I will be reviewing soon. Before I get ahead of myself here, I want to mention that I realize my reviews are often lacking when it comes to flavor description. This is in part due to my inability to place and label flavors well, and in part because I don't often try to label them, unless the label is "Good" or "Bad". I will always try to name off a few similar things in order to help others determine if the blend discussed is something they might like. I primarily write these things so that I can share what experience I have with others, and so that others with similar tastes might find something new to enjoy. Anyhow, on with it...
Spectre pipe blend is really, really good. I love a little cigar leaf in my pipe. About two years ago, thanks to Tim (rsuninv) I was fortunate enough to try G.L. Pease's Robusto, which I also rather enjoyed. In Fact, Tim, if your reading this, I think it was the first one I ran out of... Anyhow, Spectre is no different. I burned through just over half the tin in the first few days, and am now trying to conserve what remains. The latakia is very prevalent in the pipe blend, and the cigar leaf is more of a condiment, which is nearly opposite the composition of the Spectre cigars, which use the latakia sparingly. Surprisingly, this works both ways. The touch of latakia in the cigars makes them extra creamy and smokey, a unique cigar to say the least. The addition of a bit of cigar leaf into the pipe blend makes for a nice, flavorful smoke that is also unique when it comes to lat blends. If your a fan of Nightcap, and you enjoy a good cigar from time to time, or your like me and enjoy a touch of cigar leaf in your pipe, give this blend a shot, I doubt you will be disappointed. The pipe blend burns nice and even, I don't recall any relights, or really any dottle for that matter. It won't bite, even if you start puffing like a freight train while your barreling down the road at 75 MPH, trust me, I tried. The box arrived the before I found it I guess, because I found it early in the morning. I had just enough time to get inside and lay a bowlful out to dry before I had to head off to work. I was surprised to find that it needed very little dry time, and I was able to take my first bowl on the ride to work with me.
So, overall another fantastic blend. Unique, doesn't bite, burns neatly and cool, requires very little dry time and the flavor is deep and delicious.