So who here likes burbon

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Jul 10, 2018
Some great Bourbons mentioned so far!

I'm a big fan of EH Taylor Single Barrel (not to be confused with their Small Batch which is good also), Eagle Rare, 4 Roses Single Barrel, and Willett Pot Still.

2 of my favorites not mentioned yet are FEW and Willett Family Estate bottled 4 Year Rye. Both are excellent sippers but beware of the strength!



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Apr 17, 2019
Back in my younger days I used to be a bourbon guy, but now and days if I'm gonna drink liquor its either a really fruity scotch that goes well with sweet citrusy va or a very petey scotch that goes well with English/Balkens, and as always the stand by is a good dark rum. But I've laid off most of all of those, and stick either a sour ale or a very malty porter/stout. But my body regrets anything more than a couple drinks in the morning so I TRY not to have but one or two in a day


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May 11, 2017
I am mostly a Single Malt Fan (From Islay mainly but also Balvenie as well as occasional highlands. Recently into bourbon and my favorite is Four Roses Single Barrel

My current favorites

  1. Caol Ila
  2. Laphroaig
  3. Balvenie specially 14 yo Caribbean Cask
  4. Port Charlotte (If I can find it)
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Mar 30, 2019
I do personally like bourbon. In fact if I am honest I like it more then I like Scotch. I know that's considered blasphemous but at least it is honest. In fact I have been enjoying some Knob Creek today. Though frankly Brandy is my go to drink. Really though anything worth sipping on neat is what I like.


Oct 29, 2011
Eagle Rare is one of my favorites. Being a bourbon fan on a budget, I"m a fan of Old Forester 86 proof, sadly the PA Liquor Control Board has stopped stocking it but I managed to grab six bottles. Its an affordable, quality bourbon and appeals to my old codger status along with CH and Granger. I do love the good stuff though and the best I've had lately is Heavens Door 90 proof Tennessee bourbon.
A must read for bourbon lovers is " Bourbon Empire" by Reid Mitenbuler. It is a fascination book about the history of America's national booze.


Apr 24, 2019
I'm more of an Oban and Lagavulin fan as opposed to bourbon. Not an aficionado by any means. The more peaty the better.
If you're looking for peaty Ardbeg may be a good avenue for you. If super peaty is what you're after Ardbeg Supernova or perhaps Octomore are your tickets.

Edit: sipping Evan Williams as I type 🥃
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May 10, 2019
Me Like bourbon. Love Blanton's but it is hard to get here (and is expensive). I usually have Woodford's Reserve or Knob Creek on hand. Not necessarily my favorites but affordable and readily available. I like Four Roses, but not sure it's worth the price jump. There are several listed in this thread that I have not tried so I will have to hunt those down.
Most liquor stores in my state are state owned/ran, with a few exceptions. However, ALL liquor sold in the state has to be purchased from the state ran distributor from it's pre-approved list. Basically prevents one-off specialty runs.
It is rather ironic (stupid?) -- there is a rum distillery a stone's throw from my office door. The rum it serves has to be first bottled, sold to the state distributor, shipped eight hours away to the state warehouse, and then purchased from the state distributor and shipped back before it can be served in the distillery.