Smyrna No. 1 By McClelland Wow!

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Mar 11, 2014
I haven't had much experience with Orientals in blends where the flavors can be easily picked out and studied. The blends I've had with them usually contain them as condiments in order to spice up or fill out, and most of the time the description was just a very broad "Oriental," rather than naming the specific variety such as Yenice or Izmir. This led me to order a tin of Smyrna No. 1 by McClelland, and I am excitedly enjoying it very much! It has a very rich chocolate taste and smell to me that I really did not expect, and have been looking for in a lot of Burley tobaccos. I've only had three bowls so far so I may be jumping the gun, but I think I may make this a staple in my cellar.
Do any of you really enjoy this tobacco? Are there others like it that I can try? It seems like Orientals don't really get featured very much as is the case in this series from McClelland. I'm not against English blends or Latakia, but I am predominantly a Virginia based smoker.
Thanks, friends!
(Edit: Apologies to the Mods, I believe I may have forgotten to put this in the proper category...sorry!)



Senior Member
May 5, 2015
Great blend - one of the best on the Grand Oriental series. All the ones I've tried are good - Samsun, Drama, etc. Also Arcadia in the 221b series. McClelland are the masters of Orientals.



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Jan 13, 2017
I have been saving a couple of these in my cellar but still haven't tried it. I need to soon. I have read a lot of interesting threads about it.



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Mar 11, 2014
lazar, I was thinking I ought to try the whole series. Good to hear that you find them to be worthwhile.
Thanks for the tips, Cortez! I've been eyeing some of those so I'll have to go ahead and give them a try.
Bluegrasspipe, I highly recommend this one! Besides being very tasty, it is also unique, as I have had many tobaccos but none so far like this.



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Feb 21, 2013
I agree Orientals are under-appreciated. Latakia and Perique -- love 'em though I do -- needn't be the default condiments in everything. There are Cavendish, various burleys, Turkish (I guess a sub-set of Orientals), dark fired, and many others.



Feb 11, 2017
Virginia/Orientals are a heavy staple in my rotation. Besides Smyrna No. 1 in the Grand Oriental Series I'd suggest Classic Samsun, Yenice Agonya, and Drama Reserve.
Another good one from McClelland is Tudor Castle. From G.L. Pease, my favorites are Cairo and Temple Bar. Others really like Embarcadero.
Lots of great tobaccos in this category.



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Oct 22, 2013
Smyrna is a great blend, it and Drama are my two favorites of the wonderful Grand Oriental line. All of them are great, but if you are looking for chocolatey taste, I would suggest Black Sea Sokhoum, it is the darkest of the line and has darker cocoa and cigar/burley type tones. You might also like McClellands Virginia No. 24, it is a VA flake with Drama added, and is fabulous.