Siverts -brick and mortar store in Halifax NS closing

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New member
Apr 9, 2019
Sadly Sieverts in Halifax, one of the only brick and mortar pipe tobacco shops in Nova Scotia is closing. Staff were always friendly and knowledgeable about pipe smoking. I even took a flea market pipe to them, when I couldn't get any draw out of it and they fixed it at no charge.



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
That's a real hardship with all the customs and taxes for online orders from outside Canada, not to mention the community of a good pipe shop, and the information available there. I feel the weight of that as my local independent pipe shop hangs on. These places are irreplaceable. You can't replace the in-house shop memory and knowhow.



Preferred Member
Jul 24, 2015
I know a member on the forums living in Halifax's area that will be devastated.

I visited Sievert's in 2009 and it was generously supplied.

Returned in 2012 and the change (for the worse) was dramatic.

So, this was, unfortunately, predictable.