Sherlock's Club

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Sep 13, 2010
Following the white rabbit
While my truck is in the garage for an oil leak I am staying at the Traveler's Inn in Oklahoma City. Next door is a place called Sherlock's Club. Well, the name interested me so I checked it out.
It is decorated with all sorts of Sherlock Holmes memorabilia including movie posters, assorted other art, and a number of pipes on the walls. I wish I hadn't left my camera in the truck. If I find out that I have to stay over the weekend I will have to take a cab to the garage for more clothing; if so I will grab my camera to get shot shots of the place.
It was pretty peaceful when I got there, but talking with the bartender I learned that later in the evening they have a dance club crowd, and even a group of "swingers" who come there.
I left early as I despise dance club music.



Apr 25, 2011
Canterbury, England
Shame about the music. You only really find those sort of places in America; Here, you either get a tiny museum with a cafe, or you have a pub. They don't tend to cross over.