Savinelli Question

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Jan 4, 2010
I have often wondered, usually while smoking one, if their Autograph line of pipes are allowed to have fills. I always thought that their Autograph was their top of the line pipe.

But then I've read that only the Giubileo d'Oro pipes are not allowed to have fills, and are made using their best brair.

Does anyone know? Does this mean that their Autograph pipes have fills? I have several of each, and have never found a fill on any of them. Just wondering.



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Apr 24, 2015
Yeah, GDO's are supposedly made from the top .1% of their briar. Not sure about Autographs though. I was under the impression that Autographs were essentially the freehand version of the GDO line.
My GDO is my favorite pipe. It's super light weight, almost surprisingly so. If the stem was fitted as tight as my Dunhill, it would be the perfect pipe.



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Feb 21, 2013
I don't see fills on my finished Savenelli pipes, even on mid-grade pipes. Doesn't mean they're not there, but they are small, well-concealed, or in some cases, not there.



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Nov 23, 2012
Cary, NC
No fills. I'm sure somewhere over the decades some may have slipped through QC, but they should not have any fills.
Related, Savinelli makes a line of hand mades that use Autograph quality briar, but may contains slight blemishes and possibly fills. It's a great way to get an autograph-type pipe at a much lower cost.