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New member
Apr 14, 2012
Just received a Savinelli Estella (shape 316) in the mail today that I won on eBay recently. Unfortunately, it appears to have some odd whitish specs all over the bowl. I have never seen anything like this in all the years I’ve been smoking a pipe. I am including a pic below....any idea what it could be and how I could safely remove it?



Preferred Member
Jun 27, 2012
Hi Scott. I can't confirm what it is, but I've had similar results when I applied Halcyon wax improperly to a rusticated pipe.
I wonder if a warm heat gun or hair dryer would let you dab it off with some cotton balls. If I remember right I had to softly remove mine with a "blunt" needle I found in my wife's sewing kit.
These days all I use for polish is a cotton hand cloth.
Just a possibility- Jah



Preferred Member
Mar 22, 2018
I’ll second the poor wax job done by the previous owner. Gentle heat and a soft cloth or a wire brush use VERY gently could work it out