Savinelli De Luxe Milano Bulldog Resto Project (Pic Heavy)

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Oct 31, 2015
Hello guys,
I got this nice Savinelli De Luxe Milano 504 estate at the local eBay site, and got a good deal on it.
Now I would like to put it in smoking order and fully restore it.
I know there's a lot of you who really know your stuff and would like to ask for your advise and guidance on this project.
Here's some pics.
Thank you in advance,



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Feb 21, 2013
The briar looks primo, just needs some judicious buffing -- don't overdo. It's the stem that needs work, some careful sanding and buffing, I think, but I'll let the resto guys advise.



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Jan 4, 2015
There appears to some dirt and debris in the texturing so a good wash down and maybe several should be the place to start. A stiff bristle tooth brush helps and many use Murphy's oil soap with good results. Buffing the stem on a bulldog is risky business. it can often lead to round over. Note in the pictures the nice sharp lines that continue from the shank into the stem. Excessive buffing tends to "soften" those lines. It's recommended by those that do that kind of work for a living that the stem be left in the pipe and the shank portion be covered with tape and that buffing should only be a final step in restoring the luster. The majority of the work should be done with progressively finer grades of sandpaper (600 - 2500 grit). Some never buff but go to very, very fine grades. The button end needs some attention, sanding is the best remedy here. Any change in the depth need to be blended in so it's not just question of eliminating the dents and chatter. Slow and steady with attention to the preservation of the lines. Good luck.



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Mar 30, 2014
This is a fine candidate to start with. I was going to add my two cents, but Gloucesterman pretty much nailed it. I couldn't have said it better. The less time you spend on the buffer wheel, the better.



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Oct 23, 2015
That is a nice looking pipe; nothing to add on the resto as I have zero experience. Looks like the former owner enjoyed smoking it.