Rusty Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls Tin

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May 26, 2012
United States
I was finishing up a tin of DNR from 2011 and noticed that the bottom half of the tin had rust all along the sides and a little on the bottom. The tobacco was never touched by said rust but it is concerning. The tin was kept in perfect conditions, never saw the light of day and humidity levels never changed. It is obvious to me the material that Scandinavian Tobacco Group is using is not getting the job done.
I have had round tins that are 15 years old have no rust. I will be opening another tin from that year in the next day or so and I am hoping that this was a fluke and the new one has no rust. I wonder if they are using the same mfg who supplies Mac Baren as they have tins from 2012 that are rusting.
If these companies want people to cellar their stuff for long term, they better think about the quality of material they are using for their tins.



Senior Member
Jul 12, 2013
Thanks for posting this! I've got a bunch of these cellared from ~2012 that you now have me curious about. Much like you, I keep my tins in near perfect "cellar conditions" and even went so far as to seal pairs of two in mylar bags.
Have you ever noticed anything similar on your Escudo tins?
Please Keep us posted!