Review: G&H Dark Plug

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Oct 20, 2014
I received a few bits of this in a trade a few weeks ago. On a side note I am continually amazed at the generosity and general congeniality of the brotherhood. To prep I cut a few strips of the plug and cube cut those up. I then rubbed a little out and mixed it all together. Stuffed lightly into my pipe and it was time for a light. I have come to the conclusion that most of the VA blends from the Gawith boys come across harsh in the initial light. I am not certain but I think it may be my lighting method (maybe too vigorous) or it may be that my body for whatever reason reacts in that way. I stuck with it, as my experience has also been that they smooth out after a few. This blend followed this pattern. This blend is best described as a dark broody woman. She is mysterious, a bit rough around the edges, a lot of work, but when you get her going you are in for a ride so to speak, and afterwards you are left with a tingly feeling and a spinning head. This was a needy blend in that it required several relights. This may be attributed to my packing. I found that I had to be rather attentive to my tamping or it would go out. As for the taste, it was a nice flavor in many ways. It has a dark almost cigar like taste, and there is that lakeland essence, but ever so lightly. Again like that dark broody gal, you only get a hint at the sweeter perfumed side of her from time to time. There are hints of complexity here that I couldn't quite put my finger on. At times it there was a little of a burley nuttiness, but it never really dominated or was a main player. Mostly it was that dark taste. On the vit N side of things, hold on to your shorts! Man this was a head spinner rather quickly. I enjoy some nicotine from time to time, and have had some ropes and love nightcap. This is certainly up there in the strength scale, and not to be taken lightly.

All in all it was an enjoyable smoke. If you like lakelands give it a spin. If you are put off by it then I think there may still be enough in here that you wouldn't want to try it out. If you like a dark cigar, go for it. If you are not very tolerant to nicotine, then stay away.



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Aug 20, 2013
I find that Dark Flake's flavors are more robust than Dark Plug, the Plug also smoother. I also have some aged DF, and its flavors are subdued such that was is left is a more straight-forwardly expresso compared to the orchestrated flavors of DF.