Replacing stem on Yello-bole

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Aug 29, 2013
Hey all!
My fiance picked up a pipe for me at an antique shop for pretty cheap. While it is a beautiful pipe, the stem is not only cracked, but also has something jammed in it. I can't seem to get it out. It is a yello-bole, apple, straight, tapered stem pipe. Does anyone have any guesses as to how much it would be to replace the stem? I don't want a fancy stem. A basic stem would do. I don't really want to give up the pipe since my fiance bought it for me. She was super excited about it. She loves that it is different from my other pipes and thinks I look cool with it. Haha. So, while it is a cheap pipe, I am willing to spend more than what she paid for it to keep it. Thanks in advance for any information/advice.
Smokey Tay



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Oct 6, 2009
A molded vulcanite blank can be bought for $3-4.00. But they require work before they can be used. The tenon needs to be turned to fit the shank and the casting flash removed,and then it'll need to be shined up. A repairman can replace with a molded stem much cheaper than making a handcut stem for it. Google smoking pipe repairs.



Aug 12, 2014
Hi Smokey,

I came across this thread because I am in the process of restoring a 1940's era bent yello-bole I picked up on e-bay.

It too had a blocked stem and I had to work on it for several hours to clear it. I soaked it and poked it, only to get small amounts of crud out, so I ended up carefully drilling with a 3/32 drill bit to clean it through. It may have been glue in there for all I know, but it worked.

I am working on the bowl now to finish and polish. I will post pics soon.
I was wondering if you might post some pics on your pipe as well?