Refurb: GBD 9456 Tapestry w/Chairleg stem

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Staff member
May 11, 2011
After finishing the stem on my GBD 9438, I swore I'd never buy another oxidized chairleg stem. But....this one popped up and it was a little better shape and I couldn't resist the here's another.
This pipe was in much better shape, than my previous chairleg stemmed GBD. I gave it the usual 2000 grit wet papaer than onto the micromesh in 4000>6000>8000>12000 grades. Then it received a light buff with white diamond and final buff with plastic polish followed by Obsidian stem oil. It still took several hours to get all the chairleg features back to black.
The briar was reamed, which was a little tricky because none of the Castleford reamer inserts quite fit. I ended up using a combination of the Castleford, Senor Reamer and some sandpaper. This is a significantly smaller than all of my other GBD's, perhaps a size 3 or 4? The bowl top came out pretty nice and it has a neat, deeply beveled top. I buffed it lightly with white diamond and then carnuba. A hand polish with Paragon was given for the final touch.
The pipe won't pass a cleaner and I may try opening it up a bit to allow a cleaner into the bowl. Even so, it smokes quite well and is very light. I haven't weighed it yet but guess around 40 grams. The thin stem is a nice and it is so light, it can be clenched without damage to the stem.
I bought this with intent of reselling it. But it came out so nice, and compliments my other Tapesty/Chairleg stem so nicely, I suspect it's found a home.
Another neat thing was I found a GBD catalog page scan that Jerry Hannah has sent me, from 1976. It was sent in reference to a "Seventy Six" GBD I own but on the bottom of the page is my 9456 in Tapestry with that evil chairleg stem.

Some shots of the pipe before:

And the finished pipe:

Both of my Tapestry finish pipes:



Preferred Member
Oct 6, 2009
Nice work Al!! I really like the mix of rusticated and smooth areas on that one!!