R.I.P. Maj. Charles Winchester III

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Preferred Member
Nov 12, 2014
He was always a good foil for Hawkeye and Hunnicutt's silliness. A somewhat crass and pompous character, but with a bit of compassion.



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Oct 31, 2011
East Indiana
I always liked Winchester better than Frank Burns, as Winchester was merely pompous, but Burns was a tattletale and a brown noser. Also, I enjoyed David Ogden Stiers as the father in Better Off Dead and as the magician in Curse Of The Jade Scorpion.



Senior Member
Jul 20, 2017
Terrific actor, and perfect replacement for Frank Burns. David, exits stage left. Enjoy the wrap-up party.
MASH...was a great show, but too bad Hawkeye never evolved beyond his boyish, sophomoric pranks...especially in Hawkeye's, and in the show's later years. He just became more and more boorish. Uneven directing over the years, and the earlier shows were clearly superior to the later shows. There's little, or, no dramatic/comedic tension, after all the characters became "friendly". But the show still holds up after all these years.
RIP. D.O.S. gets the final laugh.




Preferred Member
May 30, 2012
M*A*S*H is probably my all time favorite TV show. I watched it as a kid(47 know) and found it enjoyable. It is currently my "go to" program when there is not much on that interests me.

I love the rawness of the early episodes, but find the show really came into it own once it shifted to the "newer" cast. I found Stiers character more refreshing than Linville's Burns. He was more than an equal for Alda and Farrell's characters. Alda's character attributes were a coping mechanism according to an interview Alda did a few years back, that's why he seemed so consistant in his character.
Such a sad loss and the realization that there few of the original cast members left is also quite sad.