Quiet Nights by GL Pease

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One of my all time favorites, but comes with a caveat for me. If its smoked in anything bigger than a tiny Jeantet billiard (0.75 diameter / 1 to 1.2 inch chamber depth) it loses that intense flavor and body.

Jeantet Reputation, Jubilee 1951
How do you enjoy this blend and which pipe do you generally use?




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Jun 26, 2016
Interesting, I got a tin of this for the secret Santa last year and have yet to crack it. How does this compare to Gaslight?



Preferred Member
Jun 11, 2017
Monk, I concur. Group 3 or smaller for Quiet Nights and Penzance and any of the Latakia crumble cake blends. And I learned to only gravity fill and tamp very lightly. That’s the ticket. I smoke quiet nights mainly in a small 27 gram, group 2 sized pipe.



Aug 29, 2017
I have never tried it in a small pipe. Thanks for the tip, I will and will let you k ow what I find.



Preferred Member
Oct 16, 2011
I find that it does better in taller bowls. In big wide bowls like a Sav 320 it goes monochromatic to me unless smoked extraordinarily slowly.



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Mar 3, 2014
Kennesaw, GA
How does this compare to Gaslight?
It doesn't. Nothing compares to Gaslight. :D
I kid... I like Quiet Nights, and while everyone is scrambling to get their scraps of Penzance, I get my fix with Quiet Nights, or C&D's - Star of the East Flake for a comparison to Penzance(Not that you asked) Usually in stock so it always wins in my book.
Gaslight however is my number one smoke. Pease did something magical with the orientals in this plug, and Quiet Nights is much more subdued than Gaslight in my opinion. I should mention Gaslight behaves very differently based on how it's packed. If you rub it out and gravity feed make sure you pack it loose and you'll be rewarded with a great smoke. (tip from forum member "papipeguy"



Preferred Member
Jun 11, 2017
Nothing compares to Gaslight. :D
I agree. I cellared Gaslight deeply. Lately, I've been more in to Va/VaPer blends, but in the future I know that Gaslight will always be something I crave. I can honestly say without hyperbole that I enjoy it more than Penzance or Quiet Nights.

And I have two full Elfa boxes of Gaslight now. Ready for Armageddon.



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Mar 29, 2016
Hey npod, Nice stash of Gaslight! That is quite a special tobacco. I also enjoy Quiet Nights a lot. The two scratch a very different itch for me.



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Feb 21, 2013
Excellent post. Since fish'n'banjo recommended small pipes, I have discovered excellent uses for them, like short smokes, sampling, flake and plug, assessing extra strong blends, etc. This is one of the only discussions, or the only one, that has pointed up the distinct ability of small pipes to highlight certain blends. I have an unopened tin of Gaslight, and I'll keep this in mind, maybe tape a note on the tin, and also consider it with other blends. I know well the use of broad chambers, and deep chambers, to bring up certain blends, but now I will consider this with small pipes too. There are a lot of these nuanced pointers that can make a real difference, and I've encountered quite a few on Forums.



Senior Member
Nov 28, 2011
I love Gaslight...one of my favorites. I have 6 tins of Quiet Nights in the cellar. As soon as I go through a couple of open tins of latakia blends that I have I will pop open a tin of Quiet Nights. I am fully prepared to fall in love with it.



Preferred Member
Dec 30, 2015
I love both blends a lot. I agree that of the two English pipes that I have dedicated, the smaller bowl works great with Quiet Nights, and my Sav 320 really pairs well with Gaslight.