Quick Taste of Bell's Three Nuns from 2006-2008

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Mar 24, 2017
A few days ago I cracked open a tin from the mid 2000s of Orlik produced Bell's Three Nuns. Is this anyone's favorite blend? If so, why? Enjoy the tasty pics.

I'm still smoking it and getting a feel for the blend. But my initial thoughts are a bit mixed. I would certainly describe this as a medium-full body smoke with a darker sweetness that makes me think of a simple stout beer.
It is certainly a very mellow, excellent dry smoke, and the ash seriously broke down to a perfectly fine powder. I smoked 3 bowls with a varying level in moisture and was surprised by the consistency of the cool/dry smoke.
The Kentucky seems to show up more as you progress to the end of the bowl. I know I'd be a little bit happier if this had perique instead. The jury is still out for me.



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Jun 15, 2013
Buy yourself a tin of Savinelli Doblone d'Oro. It's a very close match to the Va/Per Three Nuns.