Pulled Over For Pipe Smoking

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Senior Member
Nov 28, 2012
ALthough I like it for it's shortness the pipe I usually travel with is small and probably easily mistaken for a bong... I'll have to find a bigger pipes that's comfortable to clench which driving. Liked the story though.



Preferred Member
Nov 24, 2012
Really cool. As I was reading, I was thinking that this could go in either direction. Glad it went in the good one.



Senior Member
Apr 16, 2013
I once got pulled over for play-doh back.in college.
I had a bunch of fun-size containers of it in my glove compartment when I was pulled over on some pretext (I definintely wasn't speeding). When I went to get my registration, he caught sight of the play-doh and I guess he thought I was using them to hide drugs, cause what college student has play-doh (I'm a big kid). Anyway, he looked in all of them and found only the toy puddy, and got this super-disapointed look on his face. He gave me my drivers and registration back and sent me on my way, all with this sour look.
I told this story to my wife's step-dad a few weeks later - who was a cop in the same small-town department - and he got a got chuckle out of it.



Preferred Member
Aug 29, 2011
Tax dollars at waste as usual,what the hell is the matter with these so called public servants?Do they really think someone with any commom sense would drive down the road smoking the shit.
No, WE don't think that people with common sense would do such a thing. They wouldn't because they have common sense.



Senior Member
May 16, 2011
I'm about 21 and I was pulled over while smoking my pipe. I imagine, with my youth, he assumed right off the bat I was smoking dope. So while he was sitting back pulling my license before coming up, I emptied my pipe into the little ashtray I have and jam packed it with the strongest and most overwhelming Lat bomb I had on me(I think it was Westminster). By the time he got up to my window I had it burning and you could see his nose wrinkle like he'd just walked on dog sh*t. Whole conversation I kept puffing away as he asked me what I was smoking. "Oh just a G.L Pease blend sir, smells great don't it?" As you might have guessed, he didn't respond to that. He went on his way, clearly bummed he didn't make a bust.
Of course I've had the exact opposite while walking down the street. Cop asked me what pipe shop I get my tobacco at and we had a nice chitchat about Samuel Gawith blends.



Senior Member
May 30, 2013
John, the officer you had an encounter with sounds like a class act. While its unfortunate that you were pulled over while smoking a pipe, I'm happy to hear that everything went smoothly.



Preferred Member
Mar 5, 2013
St. Louis, MO
That is a great story, but if I was anywhere near the city and that would have happened I probably would have ended up with a BS changing lanes without signalling just so they could save face. What is it about cities that turn people into a**holes?



Preferred Member
Dec 5, 2012
Bronx, NY
That is a great story, and that bumper sticker would be a nice thing to have.
Most people just stare at me, not knowing what I'm doing. I do remember in the past pipe smokers in the local streets, but they are just gone now.
I hope to revive the art, at least in NYC.



Senior Member
May 31, 2013
Great story and the cop was clearly a class act. Had an incident sitting on my deck smoking my pipe last week. Said hi to a neighbour and her college-age daughter walking by and made some comment about relaxing after a rough day. They broke out laughing. Only later dawned on me that they assumed I was smoking the 'other' weed. Like the bumper sticker idea and think it could also make a cool t-shirt.



Preferred Member
Mar 19, 2013
If your pipe had been a Kirsten or Falcon you might have had a little more of a problem. Glad you and the trooper had a good exchange.



Preferred Member
Oct 5, 2010
Great story!




Senior Member
Jun 12, 2013
In an old car I had I would keep some aromatic in a plastic bag in the back window. I would roll it up nice and tight and pock a few holes in it for a nice air freshener. I got more than a few chuckles as cops walked past my car and started backpeddling for a double take. They always looked dissapointed after the looked closer.




Preferred Member
Apr 26, 2012
Washington State
Tax dollars at waste as usual,what the hell is the matter with these so called public servants?Do they really think someone with any commom sense would drive down the road smoking the shit.
@colorduke; If a police officer believes that you are in the act of committing a crime or about to commit a crime then he has a right to stop you and detain you to investigate. Its called a Terry Stop. People drive and smoke weed all the time, and its not to common that you see actual pipe smokers driving down the road, so if he believed you were smoking pot then he would have the right to pull you over and inquire as to what it is/were smoking. Hopefully when they do they are nice about it, but unfortunately some of them or not as pleasant about it as the officer in the original post.
Great story. I think most cops are totally cool with tobacco pipes. The kind of man who becomes a cop is usually the kind of man that appreciates a tobacco pipe, and the age and morals that a pipe implies. Goes back to what America once was. And I suppose most cops are just trying to maintain the peace and order we all once took for granted. They're underpaid overworked Joes just trying to make ends meet, like the rest of us good folk.
@kashmir; Very true. Its a stressful job so they understand the need for a "vice" as some would say, and they just want to make their community safe for everyone. At the end of the day its about getting home safely and in one piece. Some do enjoy a pipe or cigar etc. and when you come across one of them most are willing to share a few minutes of their time discussing it.



Jan 24, 2012
Great story, thanks for sharing.
Colorduke, I dont know if you would be shocked or not to know, due to your narrow view of things, but I have busted many a turds at red light just from watching them smoke dope or drink alcohol.
On another note you should see the looks I get sometimes when I'm smoking my pipe in my patrol car.