Piping With a Pal

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Feb 6, 2013
Thank the good spirit(s) the weather finally broke; last night's storms pushed out the humidity leaving us warm but dry.
My lovely wife and I headed out to the lake this afternoon for our planned meet-up with brdavidson and his kids. We brought our pooch Maia along with us, and had a lovely sit in the shade while Brian's kids tackled the jungle gym.
Brian brought a pile of estates for me to clean up, including a stunner transition Barling Canadian which looks like it's only been smoked a handful of times in the last 50 years. So after jawing a bit, and feeding and watering the kids we hit the lake.
We all waded out to about knee deep and plucked "keeper" rocks from the shore of Lake Ontario. Brian and I enjoyed a pipe, I finally smoked Carter Hall for the first time and do see why it's such a popular blend... especially for breaking in a new pipe. Anyway, we watched a couple knuckleheads jump into the creek from a pedestrian bridge without doing serious damage :crazy:, got wet, played with the kids and the dog, and generally yucked it up. The weather was grand, the company outstanding, what a lovely couple of hours spent on a Saturday.
Nothing beats good people.
Thanks Brian for being a pal, and to yer young lad for my going away hug.
Oh, to keep this pipe-ish I smoked one of my "learning curve" estates, a BB&S (Barlings Second) that I pooched the stem cleaning on by sanding it off the pipe. Boo for workmanship, yay for keeping this pipe in my collection. It smokes like a charm!
-- Pat



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Dec 30, 2012
Gavin was quite taken with you, he wants you to come over and see his swingset at our place next time. He generally doesn't do the hugging thing so I was a little surprised myself. He's got good taste in pipes and people obviously. We had a blast and the weather couldn't have been better. It was great to finally meet your lovely bride. Looking forward to seeing you again Thursday at the club meeting.



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Dec 30, 2012
Lol Roth, he sure wouldn't, the guys at the shop love it when he comes in. The have a bowl of lollipops they keep for him now. And yes definitely a good friend, Pat now has the Gavin seal of approval.



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Mar 1, 2013
Makes me want to come up and have a bowl or two with you guys. Sorry I haven't been on much but with cycling season in full swing I haven't fired up my pipes since the 4th of July weekend. Since Im not smoking much its kind of an out of sight, out of mind thing.
I look to get back on soon on a more frequent basis to pick up where I left off.
I hope you are all really enjoying your summers.



Apr 9, 2013
Sounds like an awesome weekend, glad you guys were able to get together and have some fun!



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Jun 10, 2013
Nature? Check. Family and friends? Check. Good smokes? Check.
Sounds like a recipe for success.
+1 on having a good piping buddy. Don't know what I'd do without Tarak. :wink:



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May 5, 2012
Sounds like a great evening, thanks for sharing.
I see quite a few friendships being established person to person on this forum.
I bought a BB&S Rallye of Ebay a while ago and like yours, it's a great smoker.



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Jul 24, 2013
I scored a Dunhill on eBay under the most extraordinary of circumstances a few days ago, and am going to fire it up when some other smoking accessories arrive to make my first smoke of the Dunhill special. Would love to have some friends around though...