Pipe Stem Replacement- Specific Need

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Jun 23, 2013
South Dakota
Hey all. I have a Mastro de Paja and a Savinelli De Luxe that both need stems, I believe. The Mastro has a hole in th top and the Savinelli is an estate that is just chewed beyond recovery.
The problem is, I really like the large gold dot on the Mastro, and the gold stripe on the Sav. Just spoke with Walker Pipe Repair and they cannot replicate those two features.
Anyone know someone who can?



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Feb 20, 2013
Try http://norwoodspiperepair.com/
They have done a few jobs for me and the turn around time is super fast.



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Feb 17, 2014
Jacksonville, FL
Check with Lewispipe.com. They replaced a Radice stem with wood inlay for me. Rich Lewis is a super nice guy but not fast... I had to stay on him for a couple of months but he did come through with a beautiful new stem.



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Feb 21, 2013
onepyrotech, thanks for the norwoodpiperepair reminder. I have a superb old Bari bent billiard, a great Danish pipe

that I received new as a gift and that is more than 30 years old, that still looks new, but now has a serious tooth hole

on the underside of the stem near the bit. No question this pipe is worth continuing use; it's about perfect. But the

stem will need some help, and I'd want it done right. This is the first good quality pipe I have actually chewed through.



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Mar 7, 2012
Sunset Beach NC
Contact Laudisi Distribution Group the US distributor for Savinelli. It`s owned by SPC. Tell them the specific model and chances are a new OEM stem can be fitted for $35 including return shipping.

The repairs are done in house by SPC restoration / estates ( probably yours truly ). Takes a few weeks depending on workload.

As for the Mastro, it has an acrylic stem and the large metal dot which is tricky to duplicate ( bent acrylic stems are somewhat of a PITA even when working with blanks ) ..... You could probably get it done but it won't be cost effective. You might could find someone to patch the hole.