Pipe Smoking in Video Games

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Oct 6, 2011
Marietta, Ohio
So yesterday I picked up Halo;Combat Evolved Anniversary. As I never had an original Xbox, I never played the first Halo game so I was stocked about this one. I start playing the game, get through the main 'tutorial' level and make my ways to Keyes(the captain of the ship), and when I get there what is it I see in his hand? None other than a pipe. My nerdiness and my new found love for pipes couldn't contain themselves as I let out a little laugh and said 'that's awesome'. So that got me to wondering, what other games have had characters in them smoking a pipe?



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Jan 13, 2011
Port Coquitlam, B.C.
Yeah, I can think of lots of cigar and cigarette smoking portrayed in video games, but outside of Lord of the Rings themed games, the only pipe-smoker that comes to mind was the dog character in Tales of Vesperia. Yes, the dog. He smokes a pipe. Deal with it.