Pipe Shape and Nicotine

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Nov 28, 2012
Is it possible that smoking out of certain shape pipes will give you a bigger nicotine buzz than other shapes? I've smoked this blend before (H&H Louisiana Red) and have had no ill effects from it. Decided to have it as the first smoke out of a pipe I got for christmas. 1/4 of the way into the bowl I was feeling the nicotine. I've smoked this in other pipes to the bottom and have had no problems with it. I'm wondering if its the pipe shape.



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Mar 13, 2012
Don't know about you but I find if I pack the pipe a little tighter than normal it has that effect.



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Feb 21, 2013
What's the pipe shape that gave you the stronger nicotine exposure? A wider, deeper bowl tends to give you more

leaf burning at once, so it might have that effect, like a big deep pot, prince, author, or an XL billiard, for examples.

I have a big, deep poker/pot hybrid made out of Mountain Laurel rather than traditional briar, and I used it to smoke

a freshly opened tin of Nightcap, back when it was more potent even than it is now (so they say). That definitely gave

me the full nicotine effect, not bad, but I was glad I was ready to go to bed for the night. On the other hand, a big

bowlful has never transformed a low nic blend into a nic high for me. I don't smoke for nicotine. It can be pleasant

when it is there, but that's not the satisfaction for me.



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Aug 28, 2013
I find with full bents and nosewarmers I breathe more in through the nose than in a straight or slightly bent. I had the same thing happen with a blend I had smoked many times previously. I also seem to get more flavor from aromatics when I use the full bent or short pipe (aroma+taste)



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Dec 14, 2013
Crazy how it can happen at times, but apparently it can as it happened to me. This might shed some light as to what happened to me. I think, albeit I may be wrong, is that there are many variable factors that can come into play such as ones metabolism on any given day, cadence of smoking a particular blend, etc. Hard to explain, but it happens. Here is what happened to me.