Pipe Screens and an Online Order Q

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Jan 24, 2018
So for ipsd I decided to grab 8oz of each of my go to baccys (EMP and 965).. I'm only a light weekend smoker, so that's more than enough to last me a good while. I just got the package and the EMP weighed out to 7.5oz and what I got wasn't the usual quality of my last bulk order. I suspect that it was the bottom of the bag and the last of what they had. I'd say it was slightly drier than I'd like, but still useable, what bothered me was ground nature of the cut .. barely any ribbon and a whole lot of small pieces that are just begging to be pulled through the draft hole. Might a pipe screen help me out here our are they more hassle than they're worth?
I don't know if they realized this and tried to make up for it...or if it was an ipsd gift.. but the package also came with a lb of Cpt. Black gold that I didn't order...nor particularly want lol.. There are few aromatics I care for and I certainly didn't care for 1q or rlp-6 :/ I jarred it for now and will come back to it at some point...maybe.
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Mar 6, 2016
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I get why you're tempted to use a screen, but you got it...more trouble than they're worth. One simple solution is to remove the stem after you've packed your tobacco...put the rim of the pipe to your mouth and gently push some air through the bowl and shank. Any small pieces which would've been potentially sucked in during your draw should be blown out. Have done this many times prior to smoking a blend which is cut too small...solves it for me.



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May 26, 2012
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I would return the tobacco to the retailer and tell them you don't appreciate them sending you the bottom of the barrel. If they are a legit retailer they will pay you to ship it back and give you some type of gift for your troubles.



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May 12, 2015
Monterey Peninsula
Good advice. If that doesn't work, just load the big pieces first, then top off with the small bits. I'd avoid screens, or any other crap people put in the heel of their pipes.



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Dec 25, 2010
Columbus, Ohio
Yeah, I second what Harris suggested.
Another thing that helps is to put in a pipe cleaner then pack around that. Remove the cleaner and gently blow through the pipe and that should hopefully take care of any bits and pieces. Might help to moisten the tobacco up a bit if its too dry.



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Jan 24, 2018
Thanks JoeMan that sounds like a great solution. I'll drop an to email to them to see what's up.. Ultimately I can work with it.. I'll just have to find something to mix with this cpt gold..



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May 10, 2016
Actually I use a brass screen with the pipes with a hole in the middle of the bowl which can get clogged, such as my clay pipe, and I find it pretty useful. It also creates a small air chamber at the bottom of the bowl which improves the combustion of the tobacco. Doing in this way the tobacco burn down to ashes with less moisture left at bottom of the bowl. I did not find any side effects on its use.

Screens have a bad reputation because they are associated with other kind of smoking, but actually they work pretty well for me. They are very cheap, so my suggestion is try by yourself and see it can be helpful to you.



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Oct 14, 2015
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I've had nothing but trouble with pipe screens and nests. Once the burning ember reaches it there is a terribly acrid taste coming from the pipe.
After much headscratching and experimentation I concluded that they must have a fine coating of oil on them. I pretty much proved this by holding a screen in tweezers and heating it to red hot with a lighter to burn off said oil.
It sort of worked but I refrain from using them now.