Pipe Memories

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Jan 4, 2010
I'm sure most of you on this forum have some wonderful pipe memories. I will share one of mine with you.
I guess my most precious pipe memory involves my son. It was 21 years ago, and it was my birthday.

My son, who was 7 yrs. old at the time, had been out playing with his friends. All of a sudden he came running in and asked me in a hurried voice, "what time does the drugstore close dad!"

I asked him why, and he said "because I need to get something!" Well, he didn't want to go into what he wanted to get, so I had an idea it may involve me. He ran and got some money he had been saving from his room, and I carried him up to the store, We began roaming around.

He asked me if I wanted to get Mom anything. I said no. Then he asked me if I wanted to look at the magazines. I took the hint then, and said, "Oh. Ok. That's where I'll be if you need me.

I stood there quite a long time, and wondered what he was doing. He finally came over to me and I could see the embarrasment on his face. There was a look of worry too though.

He asked me if he could borrow $1.25 cents, because what he wanted to get cost more than he had.

I said sure. He looked so relieved! Lol. He went up to the check out, and I could see him talking with the check out lady. He had trouble paying for the item. I walked up, and she looked at me. I just noded my head, and she smiled and checked him out. We went back home. He thanked me, and ran into the house. Later that evening, he came up to me with a big smile, and said "I have a present for you Dad. Happy birthday!"

I opened the package which was wrapped in some old Chritmas paper, and saw that it was a small Dr. Grabow pipe.

He was so proud to be giving me something he knew I really enjoyed. I told him " hank you son", and hugged him for a long time. I told him I really need another pipe, and this one was just what I had been wanting.
I have had many pipes over the years. Some were made by the best pipe makers in the

world, but none of them will ever hold a place in my heart like that little Dr. Grabow

I truly hope that the rest of you have a pipe memory that you can cherish for the rest of your life. I feel blessed to have been able to share a special time with my son.

He is 28 yrs. old now and lives in another state, but we were talking by phone the other day, and he brought that story up, and asked me what ever happened to that little pipe.

I told him that I still have. Nothing would ever cause me to get rid of it. It was my most precious pipe.



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Feb 8, 2010
That one choked me up, great read Max.
I'm sure your son would be happy to know you still hold a such a special place in your heart for that pipe you are willing to share the story with all of us.



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Dec 29, 2009
Your making me hungry, you know this women I live with can't cook.



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Nov 19, 2009
Chicago, IL
Bob, I really enjoyed your "Christmas Christening." It seems like that time of year goes with pipe smoking more than any other. Maybe it's because of the Santa / Frosty the Snowman imagery! Your (then future) wife caught-on real fast, and I'll bet she hasn't been at a loss for a gift idea since '06. BTW, you've really climbed the learning curve rapidly. Your command of the field bespeaks an avid enthusiasm, and I'm impressed with your discriminating and rather well educated palate. Those assets and your verbal skills go a long way toward supporting all of us here. On our behalf, thank the Mrs. for getting you kick-started back when.



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Mar 2, 2010
Dang Max, there's really no topping that story :) Makes me wish my dad hadn't been the poster boy for "Deadbeat Dads"...

I digress.
The pipe experience that came immediately to mind happened on the first day I started smoking a pipe. My then girlfriend and I had just left the tobacco shop and were walking back to my apartment. We'd only gone about 150 yards and I'd already had to light the thing about a half dozen times. As we walked past a bus stop this striking young woman called after me "hey mister, I really like the smell of that pipe!" She couldn't have been much older that I was but something about the pipe added gravitas and apparently machismo. (I didn't want to get killed in my sleep by the GF, so I didn't go back to talk to her :) ) Thankfully this wasn't the last time I attracted some wanted attention because of my pipe smoking. Needless to say, I'm a lifelong devotee. :D



Dec 16, 2009
Bob and Max Thanks for sharing those great stories. Those memories are what makes life worth livin'.



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Apr 8, 2009
Great story Phil!
Thanks guys.
Thanks and LMAO at your P.S. Cortez!



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Nov 16, 2008
St. Petersburg, FL
Wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one that got a tear from that Max. Actually, must have been the smoke from my pipe.
Nah, that was actually a touching story.
I think that would be my favorite pipe.
I remember Bob's story from when he originally posted it.
Great stuff.
I can't come close to either of those.



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Jan 4, 2010
Yeah, it was a special moment for me. I knew some of the rest of you had your own special pipe memories too.

Sometimes I still take that pipe out and light it up. The years just seem to slip away and it's 1989 again. My son is still little, and I'm still married, and working my butt off trying to make ends meet.

Things changed shortly after that, and life went on, although in a different direction for me, but looking at that little pipe can bring all the happiness of that special moment to life for me again.

Damn, It sounds like I may be getting old! lol.



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Feb 8, 2010
My wife said the other day, “Only a man could be sentimental over a pipe.” Yeah how silly is that? I mean, it’s not like it was some flowers that have long since been disposed of that anybody can get at the grocery store or gas station. It was only a crafted piece of art picked out by someone special who knew it would be the perfect gift for only you.
Dumb huh?
When it comes to things like that, it’s good to be a ‘softie’ once in a while. Its okay guys, you’re in a safe spot so let it out. LOL!



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Dec 14, 2009
Birmingham, AL
Max, I really enjoyed your truly wonderful pipe story.

When I was about 5 or 6 I asked my Dad if I could try a puff or two of his pipe.

After the first one, my head was swimming and I felt green and like I was due for an up-chuck. I was one sick puppy.

When I tried to climb down from Dad's lap, he said: "Where are you going? You said a couple of puffs. You've still got one coming."