Philly's Morley's Pipe Club Thursday 12Nov 7:00pm

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Jan 28, 2010
Chester County, PA
Holiday scheduling is pushing the meeting to the 2nd Thursday, rather than our usual 3rd Thursday or Wednesday. Venue will be our usual great and generous Pen & Pencil Club. Last month we commemorated our formal connection to the club - Bernie Scally, who passed away at an untimely early age, was on the club Board of Directors. Robert and Elizabeth treated the whole group to a toast of Irish whisky to honor Bernie.
I hope we maintain our privilege to utilize the club. Where else in the city, county, state, country - nay, the world - can a bunch of semi-ruly pipsters (and pipsteresses) sit down indoors, order cooked-to-order (albeit sometimes slow) meals (best value in the City of Brotherly Love), libations from a well stocked bar, all served by a comely wench?
Morley's has been among the oldest such institutions (I use the term advisedly) in this hemisphere, and it has managed to meet every month for at least a couple of decades now. Someone ought to put together a history before we lose all the institutional memory.
Next Thursday, 12Nov, we'll reprise the spoils from the West Coast Pipe Show in Vegas. Woodsroad will have a report on how the launch for the fabulous STP blends went (Bengal Slice; War Horse, aka Warhorse; the John Cottons Smyrna, No.1 Mild, and Nos. 1 & 2 Medium). We'll use the meeting to get organized for the 12Dec NE (KW) Slow Smoke Event in Wappinger Falls, NY - car pools, etc.