Petersons Sherlock Holmes

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May 8, 2011
Southland NZ
At NZ$60a 50g tin i was honestly expecting more from this. Its light. From the char i picked up a sweet fruity note. There was something missing though it was like there was no tobacco in it. but once into the bowl i got more tobacco coming through but in all honestly not my cup of tea.

i am thinking its more of a morning smoke to ease into the day.

Still at least it is one tin without those hideous warnings on it

A good glass of good quality bourbon will make this pipe tobacco taste like the tin says. Very good and complex. I would recommend this to any beginning pipe smoker, but make sure you pair it with some good whiskey or even rum.
maybe this is what i need. it seemed very mild and plain to me but with a bottle of tullymore maybe that would help :D



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Mar 9, 2010
I like it, it is one of my regular smokes. It's pleasantly not complicated.



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May 3, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
Yeah Sherlock Holmes is a pretty light easy early morning smoke. Mostly a Virginia blend with a bit of Burley added to take off the bite and cool the smoke down a little. Other than that there's just a slight fruity casing. The blend does come alive a little more when paired with a drink. Rum/whiskey is good, but also if you're looking for a non-alcoholic drink to pair up with it the Sobe Lifewater's pair very well with Sherlock Holmes. It's a blend I enjoy, and have a good two or three tins of it mason jarred.



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Feb 20, 2011
Richmond, BC
A member sent me a sample ages ago, not my cup of tea. A healthy pinch of blending latakia makes a world of difference.



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Jul 21, 2011
SENAZ i agree with you there is something missing i only smoke peterson

brands so what i do is mix some sweet kilarny or luxury blend it then gives

a very nice smooth smoke if you want a slghtly stronger blend add some

connoisseurs or irish oak




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Jun 23, 2011
Funny. My brother-in-law just gave me a tin of this, that my nephew brought back with him from a trip.
B-i-l, a 4-cigar a day smoker, rarely smokes a pipe and reported that this tobacco was "way too strong for him."
Have to try it now to see. Given that I like Irish Oak, Penzance and FMOTT, I'll expect this seem lightweight to me.



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Sep 14, 2011
I found this to be a pleasant,not super-complicated blend. For years all I smoked was English/Balkans, so it took a while for me to appreciate the totally different experiences with Virginias, burleys, and so on. It's about subtler flavors. I have a small rotation of pipes that never see latakia. I find this helps.
Likewise, trying to compare Sherlock Holmes to Penzance is comparing apples to watermelons. Totally different critters.
It's also helpful to distinguish between flavor and nicotine. One can have a blend that is not especially full flavored, but is still a nicotine bomb.