Petersons New Bowl Coating - Mark Irwin

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Staff member
May 11, 2011
It looks like the new owners of Peterson have been reading the forums and updated their bowl coating process. See Mark Irwins recent blog entry on the update. He is also soliciting experiences.



Preferred Member
Mar 7, 2013
Coatings aside, what makes me smile is what such experimentation MEANS. It means that instead of the usual corporate takeover obsession with cost-cutting, layoffs, and "streamlining" processes; Sykes & Co's approach is to concentrate on making things BETTER and trim whatever targets of opportunity are flushed from the undergrowth along the way.
That's the way it's done, folks. 8)
Sykes, I'm buyin' you a drink in Chicago, and will make sure whoever's in the room when I do raises his glass as well. :clap:



Senior Member
Sep 11, 2018
I hate breaking in new pipes and always have, which is the only reason I have unsmoked pipes laying around. I hate break-ins for two reasons: first, they’re just plain stressful, since there’s always the danger that I’ll burn out the pipe, even with a bowl coating (I’ve been called “the Human Torch”). Then second, there’s the off-putting taste of the bowl coating, and I’m not actually talking about Peterson’s last bowl coating, which was better than most.
What? Why is this guy smoking pipes at all? Just change to cigarettes or cigars, those don't need to be breaked-in.



Preferred Member
Aug 22, 2016
Your mom\\\'s house
What? Why is this guy smoking pipes at all? Just change to cigarettes or cigars, those don't need to be breaked-in.
I hate breaking pipes in too. It's a necessary evil though. Some pipes break in easier than others. Breaking it a pipe can take a very pleasurable thing, pipe smoking, and turn it foul and wet. Companies that stain the inside of the bowl and shank are the worst. Foul bitter taste for 6-20 bowls. Of pipes that I own, some dip stained Petersons and Falcons are the worst. The bowl on my Falcon finally was sweet tasting after ~20 bowls. I have a dip stained Peterson silver capped that was a good 15 bowls.
Dip staining aside, raw bowls can be a pain too. I have a briar that a friend made me, no bowl coating, no dip stain, it was 12 smokes that were wet, hot and semi-bitter. Now, after breaking in, it's one of my best smokers. I can push it and it's sweet, dry, and cool.
The upside is, most pipes break in easily, 2-5 bowls. They taste pretty good from the first bowl, but not all.
Don't worry, you'll run into a real fun one someday.



Preferred Member
Feb 26, 2015
Pipes can be funny when it comes to breaking them in. With my new Ardor, I just wiped the bowl out with a damp paper towel before smoking the first time and it was broken in by the end of the second bowl. The Peterson I got in January took maybe 5 bowls before I had a really good smoke out of it.



Preferred Member
Nov 12, 2014
What? Why is this guy smoking pipes at all? Just change to cigarettes or cigars, those don't need to be breaked-in.
Because all of us are different. I hate breaking them in too. One of the reasons I started buying estate pipes after decades of only buying new.



Preferred Member
Aug 9, 2013
I hate breaking them in too.
Embers, god love ya, I can't tell from day to day, post to post, if this is the same person or not.
I think it is just weird to market new pipes to people who hate smoking a brand new pipe. To me, bowl coatings make me think that there must have been an issue with the briar, like maybe the coating is covering up some pits or bad tasting briar. But, they are obviously not marketing them to me. If they make Peterson fans happy, then good on them.



Preferred Member
Aug 2, 2016
About half of my Petes were bought new. If they had bowl coatings, I never even noticed as they smoked fine from the very start.



Nov 26, 2018
two of my peterson has that new gloss coding. taste wasn't a issue, break in wasn't either. what i didn't care for was, it seems to "melt" and collect on the bottom. but soon they go away, not really sure where, but seems to get thinner.



Preferred Member
Jul 2, 2010
Break in? What break in?

Pack bowl, light up, smoke. Repeat.

The pipe will come around soon enough.