Pease and quiet

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May 28, 2014
The rain has stopped and the clouds cleared, its very cold and clear tonight in South Wales. When I look up the constellation Orion is right there. The lad next door is playing his guitar and a dog is barking a few streets away. I have a bowl of G L Pease's sublime Lagonda In a kit made pipe, and what a tobacco it is. It cost £25 delivered so it aint cheap, but so worth it, all those flavours I have been reading about and feeling like I was missing are there, by turns sweet, spicey, I can taste walnuts and christmas cake, to say I am enjoying is putting it mildly. The missus is working a night shift and there is a nice glass of real ale beside me.

Good wishes to you all.



May 12, 2014
Sounds very serene. A rare thing for many of us in this face paced hectic world we live in. A pipe and good drink are the perfect companions for such moments. Good wishes to you as well.