PAD the first year

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May 28, 2014

After one years furious buying I have now reached 70 pipes, all but a few from ebay and only two new. Its been great fun and I have learnt a lot:

I have never spent more than £30, but its a false economy as I wish I had some money now for a Castello instead.

Always check the sizes as I've accidentally bought huge and tiny pipes by accident.

I have twice bought transitional Barlings miss labelled.

None of the big name pipe have been extra special.

I dont like bent pipes, I do like bent pipes.

Forum members make things worse, encouraging further purchases.

Show us your..... threads lead directly to buying frenzy.
There are still many brands, shapes, finishes and nationalities to try. Some will have to be sold now as I want a Peterson system, Peterson army mount, Stanwell, Kaywoodie, Tsuge, Churchwarden and one freehand.
I have started many collections and now need to stock take and stop buying ( I am currently bidding on a few).
My rotation is only twelve pipes.




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Jul 11, 2014
You got yourself 70 pipes but you only smoke 12?....that's's been my first year too..heck I smoke at least 12 cobs the variety I picked up like you did...and a couple that were novelty..

I also delved into used racks and have 4 racks and two double 'rests'...along with a pipe I cajoled my kid brother to's a 'museum' piece, too. He seemed rather miffed that I wasn't smoking it...but, if you saw how he did the'd know why...I was hoping to get him into the carving game...but he seems to have found other interests..I guess it helps one's motivation if one is a smoker too...someday...I'll get situated and try MY hand at making a couple.

Nice start there..I've probably got 50 or 60...and I smoke most of them...I've got maybe a dozen that arrived unsmoked and I've kept them that way...when I get a camera, I plan to sell them and use the funds for something better. I'll consolidate.



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Feb 21, 2013
Whoa! I've been smoking pipes on and off for about 40 years, and I'm not much ahead of you. That makes me feel so much better. You have a nice stable. I smoke nearly all of mine in a slow rotation, although some of the front row do get smoked more often, after a rest every time.



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Jan 23, 2015
You have a very nice assortment of pipes there. I like the variety of sizes shapes and finishes...keeps it interesting. Enjoy. :puffy:



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Jun 4, 2014
United States
Thanks Owen. I'm marking this as a favorite. The next time my wife complains about the couple of dozen briars, the meer and all the cobs I bought last year or so, I'll refer her to this page.
Now you need to match each pipe with a half dozen or so different tins of tobacco.



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Jun 17, 2015
Great post!
Forum members make things worse, encouraging further purchases.

Show us your..... threads lead directly to buying frenzy.
Agreed! As soon as Christmas Cheer drops, I'll be in all kinds of trouble with the missus.