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Jul 9, 2012
I've just mooched home from work, driving through a snow storm (Irish style), on a cold and dark afternoon, being glowered at by some seriously foreboding clouds, and feeling pretty ambivalent about things.
I pulled into my home (my '73 beetle had been playing up on my rounds today), with a sense of relief, but also a mild satisfaction that German engineering gets you there even when it's not running 100% - looks like I've got a tune-up to do this weekend - only ever needs to be done when the temp drops below freezing!!!!!! Typical.
Anyway, into the house, check the post. Christmas card, and note from postie telling me there's a package in the garage. Fair enough, not expecting anything, so must be for my better half. Go out to get kindling and logs, pic up package on the way back in.
It's addressed to me. From the USA. Sent by Kathy Kelly, queensbury. Perplexed. Don't know this lady. Certainly don't remember ordering some repaired pipes, as per the shipping docs. Excitement taking over. Opened package, whistled softly, smiled broadly, and stared glassy-eyed.
4ozs of the most beautiful Navy Flakes, bigger than I have ever seen, are neatly baggied inside. There's more. A packet of cobs!!!!!!!!
Wow! WOW!!!
What did I do to deserve this? Can't remember ordering anything.
Search the web for Kathy Kelly, Queensbury. Cup'o'joes comes up. Never dealt with them.......
So, to whoever it was who placed the order, and sent me this fabulous gift, please accept my most sincere, heart-felt, gratefully happy thanks. I cannot adequately express how happy this has made me - how much this has made my day.
Thank you.
Know this, also. As happy as I am now, it's nothing to how happy I will be come the weekend, when I can sit for a couple of hours in the greenhouse and enjoy this wonderful gift.
I'm going to cellar 3 ozs and smoke 1.
Thank you, again - this was a most kind and generous gift - and I am so very lucky to be the recipient.



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Jun 1, 2013
Klause, that's a great story! If you ever figure out the mystery sender, you'll have to let us know.



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Aug 9, 2013
Very cool, but it's kind of odd that someone could just get your address. If you had been a customer of Cup'o'joes, that would be one thing, but...

Odd, but very cool.




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Apr 12, 2013
I'm sure it's part of the Secret Santa that you signed up for isn't it? Otherwise there's a generous member out there that thinks highly of you!

Enjoy it while you can!