Over/Under Rated Blends.

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Oct 20, 2014
I know this is highly subjective but what blends do you personally consider over rated and which do you consider under rated, and why?

Here are mine:

Over: Penzance - Grear blend and certainly a solid English but I have found that I personally prefer Star of the East to Penzance and it's not worth the hassle and money.

Under: uxury Navy Flake - Cheep, ages extremely well, well balanced in every way and just enjoyable. I know it's not forgotten but I don't see its praises sung often enough.
What are yours?



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Feb 15, 2015
We had a similar thread not long ago. My answer, the same, the are no overrated blends. If you like it good. As for underrated, Low Country Cooper.



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May 6, 2016
West Texas
Underrated: are all the classic OTC or codger blends, Carter Hall, Captain Black, Prince Albert etc. These blends have been around for how many decades? and for good reason
Overrated: just about everything else, don't get me wrong, I do like some of the higher end blends (as I call them) and I have some favorites I keep on hand, but old habits die hard



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Aug 9, 2013
I sat here and came up with about twelve different choices, just to join in with you guys, but every time I would type out a blend, I would think, "but I might like that one in a few years, or I may get sick of that one."

I know for certain is that every time I say that I like/hate something, I end up eating my words later on down the road, ha ha.



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Nov 18, 2013
Underrated: Lakelands. They should be rated as toxic waste and subject to hazardous materials shipping laws.
Overrated: OTC's. Despite their current fad status among pipe "hobbyists", historically they were smoked by the working-class who were either unaware or uninterested that anything of better quality existed, or couldn't afford it.



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Oct 14, 2015
Sunny Cornwall, UK.
I would say St. Bruno Flake is highly overrated. To me it's rather like smoking mildly flavoured cardboard. I am often amazed to read of folks comparing it to Condor! The two are like night and day.
As for an underrated blend I would suggest Sam Gawith's Golden Glow, a gorgeous tasting straight Virginia. That said, I don't know if that particular blend is available in the States but if you ever get a chance to try some go for it, you will not be disappointed.



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Apr 29, 2014
overrated: Dunhill NC...I rarely smoke it anymore.

underrated: Wessex Burley Slice...I think it's well thought of on tobaccoreviews, but I rarely see it mentioned on this board.



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Aug 9, 2013
Wessex Burley Slices may not get talked about on here, but it is rarely ever in stock anywhere. Every time I get a notification, it's gone before I can click over to it. I'd put it in the Penzance category.



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Nov 12, 2014
I don't hear a lot about Watch City Slices. White burley, dark fired and dark rum. Very good stuff.



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Jul 11, 2014
Most underrated? Granger.

Over rated? That just has to be Penzance, and yes, I did smoke a sample or two, obtained in trade.

That is not to say that Penzance is not good.

Most underrated tobacco blends by blender? Daughters and Ryan! I've got about 7 or 8 of their bulk blends and I really have enjoyed all of them.



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Jun 15, 2013
It's a matter of preferences. One man's meat is another man's...etc. For any blend to be overrated it must be widely known and extolled to qualify, so by definition that would include almost anything made by Germain's. One specific - Germain's mediocre version of Balkan Sobranie. Yecccchhhh! Really, they should be paying you to take it off the shelves.
Other widely extolled tobaccos that would be candidates for being overrated? Anything with Dunhill stamped on it, like Royal Yuck. I suppose one could continue with GLP, H&H, McClellands, MacBaren's, Stokkebye, etc.
I know, let's just smoke corn silk.
I'm enjoying the listings for some of the overrated so far. Don't buy them. More for me.



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Feb 13, 2015
Overrated: Using pipe smoking as a vehicle for cheap, petty snobbishness.

Underrated: Smoking a pipe just because you enjoy it.