One Pipe - One Tobacco??

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Aug 4, 2013
Melbourne, Fl
I know that most (perhaps all) of us smoke a variety of tobaccos. Is any one designating a pipe for a single tobacco? For example, "this pipe is only used when I smoke Lane's 1Q and this other pipe is only used when I'm smoking Cornell & Diehl's Berry Good?



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Jun 23, 2013
South Dakota
I have a pipe dedicated to each type of blend I smoke:

Virginia (and VaBur)


Then I have a pipe or two that are "free agents" :)



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Apr 17, 2013
I don't dedicate pipes to certain tobaccos, or even certain types of tobacco. I smoke whatever blend I'm in the mood for in whatever pipe I happen to pick up.



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Jun 23, 2013
I'm primarily an aro smoker, but I do have a few pipes dedicated to English blends. Although, I do occasionally smoke Carter Hall or Prince Albert in those pipes.



Mar 3, 2013
dedicating a certain pipe to a specific blend seems a bit anal to me but what do I know. I smoke only two blends both Aro through all my pipes a couple smoke a little better with one but all smoke fine and my life is simple.



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Dec 21, 2012
Dedicate. No not so much, however I do find that I favor certain blends in certain pipes in my collection. For example killington and moulin rouge blends I prefer the killington in my caminetto but the moulin rouge tastes better in my David jones or church warden cob.



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May 26, 2012
United States
All of my pipes are dedicated to certain categories. I smoke only Va, Vaper and Vabur flakes. I also have a few pipes that I only smoke specific blends in. For example my Lane Era Charatan Dublin only sees SG FVF, my Mastro De Paja Apple only sees Peterson University Flake, my Don Carlos Billiard only sees SG Best Brown, there are other pipes in my collection that have two blends designated to them. I have a Rad Davis Dublin that gets Escudo and Solani 633 exclusively, one of my Rad Davis Lovats only gets Stonehaven or ODF. When I find a combination that just feels perfect, I stick with it.



Aug 4, 2013
Melbourne, Fl
Wow - very neat to get other's prospective. Man, this site is like - ask a question and get a reply! Now you have to like that!!
Thanks for your input.



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Sep 20, 2011
I also dedicate pipes to blends. Some just seem to find each other. Then I have the next tier, which is pipes dedicated to styles. And I have a small handful of jack-of-all-trades.
Blends that have pipes dedicated to them are Escudo, Anniversary Kake, Barbary Coast, Battleground, Haddo's Delight, LBF, and LNF. I have a pipe that I'm considering dedicating to Royal Yacht and I'm on the lookout for one to dedicate to Capstan Blue.
Then I've got a few pipes dedicated to Aros, to VAs, to VaPers and to flavored VaBurs. Several cobs are dedicated to burleys.
I'm not sure how certain pipes find certain blends. They just seem to. But I've also learned that slight ghosting in a pipe can have a big influence on taste, especially among nuanced blends. So dedicating at least by style seems to make sense if a smoker enjoys a variety of styles of tobacco. But as always with our hobby: to each his own.



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Feb 21, 2013
The major problem I've heard expressed on Forums is the ghosting (aftertaste in future bowls) of Latakia.

I'm not sure other tobaccos ghost much, if at all. So the major distinction seems to be those who have

separate pipes for Latakia tobaccos and those who don't. I don't think most other tobaccos, separately

or in blends, carry over much -- burleys, Va, va/per, etc. I'm not sensitive to ghosting. Apparently, if there's

any aftertaste of Latakia, it's a pleasant dash of flavor, not a corruption of a different kind of tobacco later.

But I am of the any pipe for any tobacco school. If l was bothered by ghosting, I'd definitely assign pipes.



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Jun 30, 2013
I tend not to dedicate as well. The ghost issue doesn't really bother me, even with the lakelands. It is noticeable at times, but I tend to think of it as a bonus. But besides lakelands I don't smoke any real aromatics.
I have however found that if a certain blend really sings in a particular pipe, a dedication of that pipe to the blend can be worthwhile. Even a dedication for a short amount of time, say five or six bowls can really amplify what I like about the blend. Escudo is that way for me and several of my pipes. Peterson's perfect plug also has distinct characteristics that I have found benefit from a short term dedicated pipe.
What doesn't work for me is when I try to pick the combinations beforehand. The pipe has to choose.



Jul 5, 2012
My local B&M has a Dunhill 965 I like a lot I have 1 pipe that this tobacco is the only tobacco to go in it.. Then I have my aero pipes and my English Latakia pipes.. One other pipe I have is just for McClelland Blakeney's Best blends..



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May 29, 2011
I like both aro and English; I've separated about half my pipes for Latakia containing blends, the rest reserved for Aro/Virginia. I do have one special Rhodesian that I smoke just the Frog line in.



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Dec 30, 2012
I have a small Dr. Grabow billiard that I smoke only English blends in since I don't smoke them much. I have 2 pipes (and possibly a third) that seem to smoke flakes better than any other pipes so I dedicate the few flakes to those blends (Escudo, BBF, LBF). I also have one Brigham pipe I smoke only American style aromatics in as the filter helps keep the moisture down. The rest of what I smoke is either a VA, Vaper, or Burley blend and I just grab whatever pipe suits my mood that day.



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Dec 11, 2012
I actually do have one pipe (a Missouri Meerschaum Great Dane) that I've dedicated to Black House - mostly because early on, I managed a nearly perfect smoke in it, and since I had a bunch of other cobs to try other blends in, I could easily dedicate that one pipe to that one blend.
But that's the only one at this point - I've got an aro pipe, a Va/Per pipe, a Burley pipe, and some cobs that I use for specific types. I plan to pick up an English/Latakia pipe next, and then maybe one for straight Virginias. Beyond that, who knows? :D
And honestly - most of my reasoning behind dedicating pipes is that I'm not familiar enough with the various types to be able to tell whether I'm getting the true flavor of a specific blend, or whether I'm getting some ghosting - so until I know more, I'd rather eliminate one easily controlled variable.



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Feb 6, 2013
At the suggestion of Harris, Roth and others, I have begun to build out two rotations.
I mostly smoke English blends, and as such most of my pipes are dedicated to these blends. These pipes have a wide array of shapes but are largely built around my growing collection of pipes with egg shaped bowls.
I have recently begun exploring Virginias and VaPers, and was really struggling with the flavour delivery of these tobaccos. With some solid packing advice and a switch to dedicated pipes I am finally enjoying the sweetness and nuanced flavours of different VAs and VaPers. The pipes I use for this rotation are all medium sized, longer shanked, billiards, lovats and pots, and one Pete Tankard.
-- Pat



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Aug 28, 2012
Almost all of mine are dedicated. I use cobs to try new things. I have a couple of briar pipes that are dedicated to categories rather than specific blends.



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Nov 19, 2009
Chicago, IL
I have a cob, a BC, and a Jobey for sampling blends. No need to dedicate because I smoke mostly Vas ± {Perique, Burley, & Oriental}.