One Down

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Oct 20, 2014
I know several of you are hunters here. As such you can appreciate when the first one has been fully processed and in the freezer. Now just three more to go, that is if I bag them first...



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Jan 14, 2012
. Our own Dave/AKA Shaintques got this one yesterday, no scale but 17 pointer , looks to be over 200#s, NICE!



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Nov 21, 2011
The absolute best meat I've ever had was fresh venison we toasted over an open fire on sticks while camping.
Buddy at work asked me if I wanted to visit a couple of his friends up in Oklahoma to go camping for a few days. I of course did, but wasn't prepared for what I found. The two dudes lived in a foldout trailer on top of a mountain, and they were marijuana growers! Totally not legal. One of them took me to see all of his little 4'x8' plots, and I have to say, those were some happy looking plants. Much of their sustenance came from hunting, and they baited a deer and shot it with a .223 AR.
Toasting venison on sticks and eating it with your fingers while camping and drinking beer is about as good as it gets, and er, pipes *were* involved. I just wish I'd known about Mr. Pease and Mr. Gawith back then. But the venison was better than a $50 ribeye at a fancy steak restaurant.



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Jul 11, 2014
There's an old adage: "hunger makes a great cook"

here's another one: "pot gives you the munchies"

I had a Schonland's hot dog once after swimming for about 4 hours in 70degree lake water that I still recall as one of the tastiest bite's 'o meat I've ever eaten. Fresh chopped onions, mustard, and a butter grilled roll.