Oh Boy! It's like a gift my past self sent to it's future self!

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Oct 7, 2011
Chicago, IL
So if you recall, my first pipe was a cob, which I lost. You may also recall my apartment is actually the basement in my parents house. Well today when I came home from Church, sitting at my door on a small table at the bottom of the stairs, was an old friend -- My COB! I asked about it and apparently my Mom found it in my old closet while putting away Halloween decorations :)
The sad news is he looks kind of charred on the inside....but not so bad especially considering I was a new piper at the time, and a freshman in college! The stem also feels a little loose, and you can see some blemishes in the pics. Some dings, scrapes, looks like the glue for the shank is cracking...but he was clean and I'll be lighting up some C&D Barister soon. (Speaking of which, thoughts on the blend? Not my favorite, it's extremely mild flavor, a soft dry smoke. Very Burley. Anyway, I have a 8oz of the stuff that's about 2 years old, and due to it's relative flavorlessness I decided it'd be a good way to re-open my cob in case there are issues)
Hoping to get a forever stem soon.
Tomorrow I'll give him a real run w/ some Lagonda or Meridian. But for my 2nd bowl tonight I want some Key Largo, and this guys bowl is too big for a flake of the stuff.
Enjoy the pics!



Sep 7, 2011
What is this "forever stem". The stems are my only real complaint with MM cobs. I don't like they way they feel in my gob.



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Feb 1, 2010
Nice! I had a beautiful Becker I lost for over a year. I thought it was gone forever until we got rid of my sons bunk bed and it was tucked into one of the rails from one night when we were reading together.