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New member
Aug 20, 2013
Hey everyone!
I bet you don't see one of these every day, but I just turned 18 and I really wanted to get into pipe smoking. My grandpa smoked a pipe and my dad did as well back when he was In college. I have very vague yet fond memories of my grandpa smoking his pipe and the wonderful note it produced.
I want to smoke a pipe because I feel like I belong in a a different era. I love history, and down time! My preferred beverage will be a finely aged Dr Pepper.
I'm looking for a very specific type of tobacco and I am going to buy a cheap pipe soon. I want something that smells just amazing, that people wouldn't even consider an offensive Oder. I've heard Captian Black is a cheap option, are there any tobaccos that aren't as chemically yet still smell delicious?
I've had experience with cigarillos, and other tobaccos products as well - but do NOT own or smoke a pipe currently



Preferred Member
Aug 20, 2013
I got into pipe smoking when I was 18, and it was mostly because my father and grandfather and great grandfather had all been pipe smokers. Aromatics like Black Cavendish, Cherry blends, you can't go wrong with. WHen you go to your local tobacconist, just ask to see the aromatic section of pipe tobacco.



Senior Member
May 31, 2013
Welcome to the forums. There are many aromatic tobaccos. In your case, I would point you to a local BandM shop if you have one. It will be much easier to find what you are looking for. If your looking for what your grandpa smoked you probably should start in the mass market realm of Carter Hall, Half and Half and Prince Albert.
If you have no local shop, I like Sutliff Private Stock for cheap and good quality. Hearth and Home also make some very tasty aromatics, but they cost a slight bit more.



New member
Aug 14, 2013
Hey John,
It's neat to see another young guy interested in pipes.

I'm also 18, and my grandfather smoked a pipe too.

I bought my first pipe on the day of my birthday from my local cigar shop that carried a few pipes.
The MM Cob suggested already would be a great choice. Aros are also a great place to start.



New member
Aug 20, 2013
Thanks Guys!!
any advice on how to deal with parents?? my dad will probably be okay, but my mom will be against me smoking anything
I dont know how they will take it if they find out that I smoke a pipe...
Aromatics would definitely smells better than pot or cigarettes so I guess they shouldnt complain too much ;)



Preferred Member
Oct 1, 2011
Hello johnstone, and Welcome to the forum.
Many have already made good suggestions for you, and that would be a good start.



Preferred Member
Nov 25, 2012
Welcome to The Club johnstone,

I would agree to try out some 1Q and maybe get a pouch of Carter Hall.

Most definitely get yourself a few Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cobs some matches and a golf tee for a tamper and you will be set up pretty inexpensively.



Preferred Member
Jun 23, 2013
I'm definitely a fan of Lane's 1Q, it's wonderful tobacco! Carter Hall is good stuff too, though it probably won't have the room note you're looking for. It is, however, great for mixing. Mix it 50/50 with Lane BCA or Smoker's Pride Black Cavendish for a wonderful smelling/tasting blend. As for the pipes, MM (Missouri Meershaum) cobs are cheap and smoke good. They are great starter pipes! If you want to no the briar route, I'd go with a Dr. Graybow($30 or less)or a Nording Eriksen($35-55). Both are great pipes for the money. If you go with the Dr. Graybow, I'd chunk the filter first thing. Hope this helps, good luck and welcome to the forum!



Preferred Member
May 26, 2012
United States
Welcome to the forum John. Ask your parents if they would rather you smoke a tobacco pipe or a crack pipe and see what they say.
If you are old enough to die for your country then you are old enough to smoke a pipe. Explain to your mom, that you are a man that can make his own informed decisions and that while you appreciate her concern, you will do as you please. Now if she kicks your ass out of the house tell her it was some idiot on the internet who gave you this advice and apologize. :lol:



Preferred Member
Jan 27, 2013
I would listen to cigrmaster on this one, also welcome, I too am a young smoker and have been going since 18 (two years now), but like everyone says a cob and some 1Q are a perfect start to a wonderful and enjoyable hobby. Hope you keep on with us and I wish you the best of luck with your parents and your smoking as well.




Preferred Member
Mar 25, 2012
Welcome! Here's a few tips I wish people would have told me.
Aromatics smell wonderful, but will not and can not taste as good as they smell, they will also leave a lingering tobacco smell if smoked constantly inside so still only smoke in an area that you don't mind smelling like smoke.
Missouri meerschaum, Dr. Gabrow, and kaywoodie all deserve there reputation as great cheap smokers. I would start here.
If you plan on impressing people with a pipe please don't bother, this hobby takes a LONG time to master an if you don't truly enjoy tobacco as more than a hobby you are going to end up quitting.
Also, DON'T DRINK CARBONATED DRINKS!!! You will burn your mouth to a crisp! Also get biotene instead of an alcohol based mouth wash, and try to find a tooth paste without mint. All these things will irritate you after a smoke.



Preferred Member
Sep 14, 2011
Welcome aboard. I started at about your age, and smoked a lot of crappy cheap aros before I found the good stuff, when I was about 20-21 or so.
Aromatics smell wonderful, but will not and can not taste as good as they smell, they will also leave a lingering tobacco smell if smoked constantly inside so still only smoke in an area that you don't mind smelling like smoke.
Very true.
I will also give you the same advice I give all new smokers: Smoke the best pipes and tobacco you can afford. Good luck, and enjoy the journey!



Preferred Member
Jun 23, 2013
South Dakota
Welcome to the forum and to the hobby!
If you like/desire aromatic tobaccos- then I will echo people's recommendation of Lane's 1-Q, and also suggest Lane LL-7 and BCA.
For a tinned aromatic- I thought CAO Eileen's Dream was quite good- look it up at any of our sponsors here.
I'll agree with the last few posts that aros don't at all smoke how they smell. If you are worried about the "room note"- then go for it. But I eventually shifted away from them and into Virginia blends, VaPers, and Latakia blends.
A lot of people have tried the Frog Morton series- particularly Frog Morton Cellars, and have "crossed over" to that from aromatics.



Aug 12, 2013
I would recommend any McClelland frog Morton blends. Also lane limited 1Q. Also do yourself a favor and don't buy the cheapest pipe you can find. I would consider a well made pipe, you can find these type pipes for under 75 dollars. Also you might want to steer away from that aged dr.pepper too, try something different like, coffee, some sort of fruit smoothie, etc. one last thing, stay away from any drugstore are other equivalent pipe tobacco. Might I suggest 4noggins as a blender, they blend there own bulk blends and are great, like bald headed teacher are other. If you want a truly great first time experience then I would highly recommend you listen to this post.



New member
Aug 22, 2013
Hey man I'm new too, my first handmade pipe will be arriving in the mail today from smoking I spent a little bit to start a nice collection and figure if I don't like the feel of it ill just send it back and try another. Whe I turned 18 (2009) I too bought a Grabow and some Borkum Riff and puffed away, but I always abused my pipes something awful, or my mom threw them away. However if she throws any of these away I shan't talk to her for months, so she won't 8D good luck with the parents and hope all goes well!!!



Preferred Member
May 3, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
Lane Limited has a great selection of affordable bulk aromatics. 1Q is definitely a staple in the pipe world and my favorite blend. I also have had an really enjoyed BCA and Black Raspberry (plan on ordering a few more ounces of the Black Raspberry).
Mac Baren's Seven Seas line is another good line of quality aromatics that are rather affordable, I should note by that I mean under $30 for a pound. The Royal blend is very popular.
The above advice is very good. Give a cob a try, they're great smokers and very affordable. For briar you can usually find Kaywoodies or Dr. Grabows for around $30 and they tend to be quality smokers. Savinelli and Peterson have some solid entry level lines around the $50-$70 mark.
Other than that I'd say just take your time with it and don't let yourself get frustrated. It's an acquired skill that takes time to hone. Good luck on your journey.



Preferred Member
Dec 14, 2009
Birmingham, AL
but many have different names for it.
Is that a hint Sam? :D




Lawrence :)





Ships Wheel


Indian Summer

Park Avenue

Snow Flake

All Day Long

City's Own


Queen Mary



Gardens Blend


Joes Blend



Timbas Own

Mariner Mixture

Door County Blend

Exotic Honey



Honey Bee

Coconut Cream



Cape Charles


Captains Blend