New Nording Straight Grain

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Preferred Member
Jul 13, 2011
Well I love Nording pipes, they smoke good and are well made. But I almost always miss out when bidding on one or it goes out of my price range. I really want a Brown Bear hunter pipe, that is on my white whale list, anyway, I saw this pipe, and how the straight grains went all the way around, and fell in love. I rarely buy pipes for myself as I am really picky and really only like certain styles, but this is one I just had to have. And so I managed to win the ever elusive Nording. Here it is.



Preferred Member
May 26, 2012
United States
That is some outstanding grain, well done. I hope it is a great smoker for you, I am sure it will be with those monster walls on that puppy. Congrats on your new pipe.