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Jan 8, 2019
Hi all.
i'm a cigar smoker, and do love my cigars but have also always been drawn to pipes...decided to buy a pipe and get started. Always figured a pipe is a good way to get my smoke on when I don't have time to smoke a full cigar.
I have a Peterson Baskerville on the way with the PLIP...honestly wanted to start with a fishtail but it seems nearly impossible to find new Petersons with anything but the PLIP....lurking on the forums, it seems a lot of people say the PLIP takes some getting used to, but maybe if that's what I'm starting with there won't be an issue.
As for tobaccos, I order a few tins to get me started and try to start figuring out what I like. As a cigar smoker, I like natural tobacco and have always shunned infused (like acid etc) cigars. However, part of the draw of pipes for me is the pleasant smell. So I got a few tins of English blends, one viginia, and one aromoatic. I figure this will give me a sense of what direction I'll want to go in.
I ordered:

-Lane Limited 1Q

-Captain Earle's Reflections

-Orlik Golden Sliced

-Mac Baren Solent Mixture

-GL Pease Quiet Nights.
Can anyone recommend some good tobaccos to start with and/or your thoughts on the above selections?



Oct 26, 2017
Welcome! You are in the right direction Lane 1Q is what most people use as their beginning will all depend on your personal taste. You may like Virginia. I am a red Virginia hound, you may like Latakia, which is what I loved when I started english's I loved the smoky taste of it. now I like Virginia and Perique mixes. Perique is a good spice tobacco, but do not try it in large amounts to start.Try your Orlik golden sliced, if you want something lighter. Let us know how you like the Quiet nights. you may like the Latakia in it. I would say my favorite morning smoke is Cornell and Diehls' Morning Drive.It is somewhat english...light with good spicy notes but not overwhelming. It can be purchased at are also something to get in to.Haunted bookshop comes to mind also from C&D. You may not care for bulk Aros. but prefer tins of Aros. Another good one but it is an Aro. is Sutliff spiced rum. I got my Dad and step Dad hooked on it and it is all they smoke. They love that it is mild and that it has good flavor. Well I do not want to overwhelm you. Welcome to wanting to try anything available. Stock up...with all these regulations on the table you never know...Kindly, leafsmoker



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Jun 26, 2016
Welcome to the forums! Looks like you are off to a good start with some selections there. The only thing I would add is to be patient. There is a bit of a steep learning curve with pipe smoking.
The P-lip is a personal preference really. I have two pipes with the P-lip and find they are just as good as a conventional lip.



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Aug 22, 2016
Your mom\\\'s house
First off, welcome.
Secondly, if you don't infused flavors you are going to hate 1Q. It tastes like the worst fake vanilla flavor you can imagine, and that's all you taste.
Your other selections are solid. Especially Quiet Nights and The Solent Mixture. The Solent Mixture is a great example of a light English aromatic. It is a nice lighter English (Not a Lat bomb) with a very light topping. Quiet Nights is amazing and full.



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Jan 5, 2018
Welcome. You'll be amazed at how long a bowl of those Golden Slices will last. No quick fix there :puffy:



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Jul 20, 2018
Welcome to the Forums! I just started my pipe adventure 6 months ago and have learned quite a lot, especially here. Folks have been very helpful. One thing that has helped me is picking up various "straight" tobaccos, such as virginia, burley, latakia, etc. and learning their different aromas and tastes. There are many to choose from. I often try blends that are recommended, but I also just read descriptions and buy whatever appeals to me. I enjoy the experimenting and trying all sorts of mixtures.



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Jan 8, 2019
so far I'm really liking the Quiet Nights...well enough that I ordered 2 more tins.
Trying to work on my cadence a bit as I find the pipe either produces hardly any smoke, or conversely, I start drawing too often and it gets really hot. I guess the learning curve is a bit steeper with pipes than cigars. The Lane 1Q is "ok" but I find it offers 0 satisfaction from a nicotine standpoint, though the aroma is awesome.
Already starting to think about buying a second pipe....this hobby could get expensive!



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Jan 7, 2019
Welcome aboard! Two thumbs up on your Quiet Nights selection.
I also like GL Pease Gaslight, Odyssey and Westminster as well.
Like you, I found the aros to be uninspiring and went straight to the english styles.
Getting started, there is some outflow of cash. But, once you have a few pipes, the tobacco is extremely economical. And the most satisfying smoking experience out there!



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Nov 26, 2018
Welcome to the hive! There is so many blends to try that you will have a long trip. Keep in mind, what you like now most likely will not be what you like 6 months from now and your taste will change even more as time goes on. Blends I hated at first, grew on me as I developed. Now I really love things like Dunhill London Mix and on the flip, I would hate to be out of Plum Pudding. Enjoy the ride and take it slow.

May 22, 2018
English/Balkans rule, try the high rated ones and the most important note is do not blind purchase more than 8 oz of anything. I do not care how cheap or rare it is, just don't do it. GLP is still on sale at smoking pipes so grab yourself 2 oz of all the high rated English/Balkans ones. Take your time to choose a favourite enjoy the journey.