New GL Pease tobacco forthcoming: Virginia Cream

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Oct 31, 2013
Announced yesterday:
So, there have been hints in various places. The Lab Rats have been smoking their tails of, giving me their subsequently de-tailed reports, and on more than one occasion, very nearly spilling the beans in the dark corners of the interwebs. Something has to be said. Yes, I've been working on a few new things for a little over a year, and now that one of them is finally ready to bear fruit, I can offer a teaser of the label and name, and quell some of the rumors the Lab Rats have started.
That's the label art up there. I've still got a bit to do to finish it up, so the final appearance may be different, but it's close enough for jazz. Looks different, yes? It is. So is the blend. It required a different approach than anything I've done before, and was quite a learning experience, but I'm excited about the results, and so far, the Lab Rats have been enthusiastic over it, apart from the one I was force to throw in the moat as feed for the piranhas. It's virginia-based, hence the name, but with a little twist. More details will be revealed soon, including more accurate anticipated shipping dates, but I don't think it'll be more than a few weeks at this point. Stay tuned!
Sounds like an aromatic to me. Never thought I'd see the day.



Senior Member
Oct 25, 2013
Aromatic? And I was looking forward to this release, well maybe the next one



Preferred Member
Oct 22, 2013
If it is an aromatic, while not usually my thing, I will be interested to see what Pease has come up with. His stuff is quality, and an aromatic from him would be worth a try.



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
Aromatic is too big a segment to ignore. There are enough tobacco-forward versions that even non-aro guys might, or seem to, like as a change-up. In terms of flavoring, what does cream suggest? Bristol Creme? Creamy vanilla? I guess we'll find out.



Preferred Member
May 31, 2012
Fingers crossed for a classic traditional English scented flake.

...and that artwork,

stunningly beautiful and pukka proper!



Preferred Member
Aug 20, 2013
He didn't give much away than the name and genre. How many VA blends are out there? Still, it's more than what we know before. For awhile I couldn't stop emailing him, and still abuzz with having found Condor, was urging him to do something along the same lines. His objection to doing so was that it's impossible to get either SG or GH to turn loose of some of their scents. Highly highly proprietary. But in saying so he didn't say anything like "I'll never do a scented or aromatic blend." So maybe he's doing one now, and that's what he is signifying by "cream." But he could be using the word in many other ways, too.



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Mar 1, 2014
I would love to see Pease take on the Lakeland style. He might have to buy an entirely new set of equipment to blend it just so that it doesn't cross contaminate everything else, or maybe get Sutliff to do it, but a I couldn't think of a better man to make a floral scented American tobacco.

I'm just not entirely sure if "Virginia Cream" is how I would label something like that. I suspect this to be more of a standard aromatic.



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Aug 28, 2013
Next on Greg's list is a line of tobaccos for corn cobs. The epicenter of the Earth will shift at that time and Greg and Russ will merge into the same person.



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Mar 7, 2013
Greg is a freak. He really CAN taste a wine or tobacco and tell you what's in it, where the ingredients came from, and names of the maker's grandchildren from a single molecule sniff at 50 yards.
OK, maybe not the grandchildren's names.
Historically, he's arguably never blended a dud, and has a number of blends on the All Time Greats list for modern production so clearly knows how to apply that magic taster-smeller.
Meaning even I, who honestly, truly, and am-not-kidding have never smoked an aro in my life---not because I thought there was anything wrong with them, but simply because I started on the straight stuff, was happy with it, and never saw a need to change---intend to give Va Cream a test drive. Because I know for a fact that GLP is a driven hyper-perfectionist for whom excellence and quality are everything, and if HE'S satisfied with it, it's gotta be something special. (He never brings a blend to market just because he has time invested in it or an emotional connection to an idea, he abandons blend experiments all the time.)
I'm rather eager for that test drive, in fact. (Which feels sort of weird after 41 years, but there you go. :lol: )

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