Need Info on Antique Store Find a WDC I think

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Senior Member
Aug 18, 2014
Hi guys, this afternoon I stopped by the local antique store. I found this pipe and need direction. On the left side I the stummel there is a triangle with WDC in it. Next to the triangle there if Royal Demuth stamped. On the bottom it is stamped Filter Pat'd 1934. Then on the right side is stamped Imported Briar Root. With the number 96.

I would like to know about this pipe was made.




Preferred Member
Jul 23, 2014
The Lower Forty of Hill Country
Here is a link (WDC) to the listing for the William Demuth Company (WDC) on, and which provides some interesting background information. Note the mention of the Royal Demuth line under the section regarding Ferdinand Feuerbach.
Unfortunately I do not know when your pipe was manufactured. Perhaps if you post some images, others here may be able to help.



Senior Member
May 21, 2013
These began manufacture in the 30's (as evidenced by the patent date) and I haven't seen much evidence that these were manufactured much past the 40's. These enjoyed popularity around the same time as the hesson guard series and were WDCs most popular filter pipes of that era. That's based solely on the advertisements I've seen and could be totally wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's the proper time frame. That being said, it appears that a bunch were sold as they aren't particularly rare. You can always find several for auction on ebay at any given time. They usually run in the $10 to $20 dollar range.
I have several and find them to be great little pipes. They ARE a filter pipe though, so those that don't like filters might not enjoy the royal demuth line from WDC. If you don't mind filters then these are fine pipes as they come from the earlier days of WDC and are made from quality briar, unlike the later lines of WDC pipes where SM Frank really degraded the line with cheap briar, poor manufacturing techniques, and nylon stems. Those earlier lines, while mass produced, still showed good workmanship and were made from quality materials.
Just don't over pay for it as royal demuth's are readily available and shouldn't command a premium unless unsmoked. Antique stores have a tendency to overprice old mass produced pipes in my experience. I might go a few bucks more for the style that has the silver rim cap, but still wouldn't pay much over $20 for one. There are just too many still available on ebay for a reasonable price.
Hope that helps.