My New Pipe Work Area

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Aug 22, 2010
I have always thoroughly enjoyed restoring estate pipes. In fact I used to restore them all of the time as some of you may remember. However, life got in the way and I stopped restoring for a while. I recently have gotten back into restoring but did not have a proper work area. The main thing that was holding me back was finding a cheap desk big enough as I tend to use up alot of space. I did some thinking and came up with this makeshift desk for my new pipe work area.
I also received the scales as gifts this weekend. They belonged to my girlfriend's grandmother who passed away this past week. My girlfriend's mother knew I was searching for some scales for weighing packages and pipe tobacco and was kind enough to gift them to me. I doubt I will ever us the large one as it only weighs 3 pounds maximum and has all of the old mailing prices on it. This surprised me though because the darn thing weighs about 25 pounds or so haha. It makes for a great decoration piece though.
Anyways, I will stop ranting and post up the pictures. I apologize for the quality as I snapped them real fast while I was rearranging things. They appear to be whitewashed due to the window that is right in behind the table so sorry for the poor quality. These were all before I added the rest of my junk to the table. :lol:



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Oct 30, 2011
United Kingdom
Looks like an ideal pipe restoration work station you have set up there. I guess the bottle of spirit can do double service as a cleaning solvent and restorative should you need to take a dose yourself! :)



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Oct 6, 2009
Looks like it will do the job!! I did something similar. Used a 24X 80 door,fastened it to the wall with large shelf brackets and used 2X4 for the front legs. Wish I had a window in front of mine!