My New A&G Morta Poker (pics)

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Jul 13, 2011
I purchased this pipe at the NY pipe show. It is a Morta Poker with a Green Cumberland stem and white lucite shank accent. I've been wanting a Morta for some time and the price was one I just couldn't pass up, plus I took pleasure in supporting some new blood in the pipe making world. The makers, Ben and Sean, have been at it for about a year and are doing some interesting stuff. You can check out their available pipes at They call their company A&G Tobacco Pipes.
My pipe. I've never had a Morta before, but it was pleasing to the eye and had a nice blast. Also the drilling was spot on and the stem work is very nice. I broke in the bowl with my go to Cut Virginia Plug. This is what I always smoke in a new pipe. In my opinion if the pipe will smoke a good flake well, it will smoke anything well. I found the pipe to have a perfect draw, smoked cool and dry all the way to the bottom. I have smoked it three times so far and the experience has been three perfect smokes. I am very pleased with it. The pipe also came with a big leather pouch which you will see in the pictures. Also they give their pipes names which I also like to do. My pipe is named Maleficent. I would definitely buy from these guys again.
Here is a pic of me with Ben and Sean.

Here are some pics of the pipe on its leather pouch.

And one of me smoking it.



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Apr 26, 2013
They have some cool designs!
Love your poker.
I will keep my eye on that site, thanks.



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Feb 21, 2013
That really sets off the morta in an impressive way with the contrasting band and finish. Nice find. Glad you could help these guys get rolling.



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Dec 26, 2012
I'm of the opinion that everyone should have a Morta pipe. I use mine to sample new tobacco in or when I know I'm going to be smoking a lot, like our pipe club meetings or what not I'll bring my Morta. They are just so awesome!



Preferred Member
Jan 10, 2013
Very good looking pipe. The stem really sets off the blast on the poker bowl. Great acquisition. Hope she is a great smoker!



Preferred Member
Feb 28, 2014
That pipe is beautiful and right up my alley in terms of construction, shape and stem. Congrats and i am right with you on supporting new talent. It has worked very very well for me in the past, definitely far more often than getting a dud. That is, assuming that they are not charging an arm and a kneecap for their work and their new name.



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Jul 27, 2014
Very nice looking pipe. Morta is interesting...SPC has a Mark Tinsky Rhodesian in Morta that I've had my eye on for a while, but it's more than I can spend ATM.
Bookmarked their site, some neat looking designs they have. And it's the kind of business I like throwing money at :)



Preferred Member
Jan 23, 2015
That is a really nice looking pipe and I just love the leather case to. Enjoy. :puffy: