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Preferred Member
Jul 29, 2014
Suffolk, VA

Cool meers! Do you wax them at all? I've got one figural that I've been hesitant to wax because of the detail.
As to posting the picture, I think you might have used the "URL" function instead of the "IMG" function.



Preferred Member
Feb 28, 2014
Once you upload it to your pipes magazine profile, open the picture there, right click the picture and click "Copy Image URL".
Then go to the thread you wish to post it on and under the "Reply" field click "IMG" gray tab and paste the URL address of the pic in the appropriate field and click "OK". Once you click "Send Post" it will show up/translate as the actual picture in the thread.



Senior Member
Aug 18, 2014
@Ericthered, No I never waxed my meers what you see is from smoking them. I bought them between 1985 and 1987 and smoked them alot then in 90 I quit smoking pipe untill 5 months ago.
You are right I did use the "url" instead of the "img" it wouldn't work didn't know why until @layinpipe pointed it out.
I think I will grab one of my Meers and smoke a bowl of Meat Pie.
Have a great afternoon