My Experience Sending Estate Pipes to SPC

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Preferred Member
Feb 27, 2019
For any fellow noobs who do the estate pipe thing: If, like me, you have some inexpensive pipes you want to get rid of but don't have the time to deal with selling them piecemeal (or much idea what they're really worth), you can just send estate pipes in to SPC for credit or cash. I had some reservations about trying this - I was afraid they might lowball me and/or take forever - so thought I'd share my experience, which was a good one.
I sent in 7 pipes. They received the pipes Thursday, and they sent me a detailed and very generous offer for store credit early Friday afternoon. As my pop says, "No hassles, no hustles, no heartaches." I made out like a bandit on three pipes, took a small loss on one, and pretty much broke even on the rest. Basically, I recouped my original overall investment, including shipping, and the hours I spent cruising eBay and cleaning up the pipes have translated into a big stack of tins of the good stuff. One thing to note, though: you get much more in store credit than you do in cash. I would have lost my ass if I'd taken the cash.



Preferred Member
Jun 26, 2016
Good to hear you had a good experience. It beats waiting around for your pipes to sell on the classifieds.



Preferred Member
May 23, 2018
I've often thought about sending some pipes to SPC. Thanks for posting your experience.



Senior Member
Mar 6, 2018
Do you know if you have to clean them up? Can you send in pipes that have oxidation and what not?



Preferred Member
Apr 14, 2018
Do you know if you have to clean them up? Can you send in pipes that have oxidation and what not?
I would bet you will get a better return if you send them in cleaned up a bit. I do not have firsthand experience however, just my opinion.



Preferred Member
May 30, 2012
Trubka, I just did the same last week. I sent 8 pipes of varying makes and was overall pleased with their evaluation. I accepted store credit and will be looking for something new. Easiest transaction ever. And to the question about refurbish. They do clean them up.



Preferred Member
Feb 27, 2019
Do you know if you have to clean them up? Can you send in pipes that have oxidation and what not?
All the pipes I sent in were in tip top shape (I had to put in a lot of time on some, they were pretty gnarly when I got them), so I can't say for sure. I doubt they'd take pipes that need a whole of TLC. Just wouldn't make financial sense. Unless we're talking something super valuable.



Apr 9, 2019
Paul, I have done with and am very satisfied. I took credit and bought new pipes more to my taste, except for a Vauen Lord of the rings one that my wife absolutely insisted I should buy. It is a good way to find a new home for those pipes you smoke seldom.



Junior Member
Jul 31, 2018
I have always wondered if it would be wise to send pipes to SPC instead of putting them up on ebay since I got pretty good deals purchasing estate pipes from there and could not imagine the slice you get would be worth it. Huh.



New member
Jun 14, 2014
Do you know if you have to clean them up? Can you send in pipes that have oxidation and what not?
Every estate pipe that we acquire will go through our Restoration department all the same (even unsmoked pipes might need a buff), so it's not necessary to clean pipes up before sending them in for evaluation. Having said that, it does help if the pipes are not still packed with dottle... but even a little dottle won't affect the price. Only serious condition issues (cracks, replacement stems, large scratches or dings) will knock the retail value down a bit.
And for those folks overseas, you can always reach out to Customer Service with some details/pictures and we'll do our best to give you a ballpark estimate before you go through the trouble of shipping. We also cover return shipping in the event that you might not agree with the evaluation, or if you simply change your mind and need one of your pipes back (I've been there).



Preferred Member
Mar 11, 2014
Always a delight when one of the crew chimes in. Thanks, Shane, and all at Smokingpipes. I’m currently eagerly awaiting the evaluation of a horde of Dunhills I sent in last week. We are privileged to have an establishment like smokingpipes to do business with!



Preferred Member
Jul 28, 2016
@Mr. S Ireland, Thank You for these pieces of information, much appreciated, I have reason to believe we will go through this one day or another.
@Cahimbero, Thank You for sharing your experiences, Muchas Gracias



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
I think store credit is the way to go if you send your pipes to And I think this is a practical way to get some value out of pipes you cull from your herd. You might do better selling them yourself online, but most of us "forget" to pay ourselves, that is to attribute the time spent dealing with the sales as part of your expense. Likewise, I think the estate pipe sales are careful and honest in describing and valuing the pipes, and noting flaws. So if you trade your pipes for store credit, and turn around a buy an estate pipe with the proceeds, you will be treated well.